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About me and where I came from, huh? Well, my name is June Moone. Yep, that is my real name, and there is an interesting story behind it. Not just because it is the same name a comic book and DC Villainess. Promise!  I was born and raised on The Atlantic Coast of Nova Scotia […]

Otto is the hardest workin DJ here at Sky Blue Radio!

Mongo is in our product review department. I have always been a fan of anything in & of Flight Simulations.  My background has just about included every MS Flight Sim since MSFS 1 back in 1986 in wire frame models.  My excitement in flight really kicked off in 1992 when I enlisted in the United […]

Willy was one of the founding Presenters of SkyBlue Radio back in 2007 and returned in 2020 after a 12-year absence to raise his young family.  Willy Canuck is Canadian-born and has called Scotland home for the last 16 years.   Growing up with the familiar sight of Canada’s only flying Lancaster Bomber, Willy was inspired […]

Illustrate is a veteran to the Colorado Christian Hip Hop scene. For the past 25+ years, he has acted as an artist, music producer, and event organizer. He has released 11 solo albums and appeared on countless projects from other artists. He currently is a part of G-Life Outreach in Colorado Springs where he volunteers […]

I'm from the Dominican Republic... One of the Caribbeans most beautiful islands.  I found that my life is complete with the love of God. I would like to share his goodness with you!

  With my home in Colorado, playing here and when I can in Southern California, it’s all about life’s perfect Medicine. Sun, Fun, Great People, and just livin’ life. Join me for your favorite Classic Rock with bands from Britain, Canada and from all over the world!! Skip is our Newsroom Manager as well!  Please […]

  I am a retired Police Officer with service dating back to 1994 and about 23 active years in the field. I have held many positions in law enforcement, but the last two years of my career ended where it began, as a patrol officer. I spent the last 12.5 years of my career with […]

Vinyl Days is a Radio show with music from the 1960`s through to the 1990`s. 52 Weeks a year we play you the best classic hits anywere. Music that makes you feel good ,and make you think back to some great days in your life. Also you can contact us in many ways to get […]

“Is this heaven?….No, it’s Iowa.”  Growing up from there, The Chad finished up his degree and as it has been said, “Go west young man”.  Now, The Chad has called Colorado home for over 20 years. Spending the time doing the day job helping people, The Chad also enjoys with his lovely bride travel, Major […]

Flow was about twelve years old when his sister (“Lil D”) introduced him to Carlos-Alberto, who went to Lil D’s high school at that time. Carlos-Alberto was in a CHH group called, “God’s New Creation” (Later known as “Kandle”). Flow began searching for God and changing his life. Flow met up with his older brother […]

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do,” is the mantra that Joel Hunt lives by. As an Army veteran, who was injured during his third deployment, Hunt has seen his fair share of tough times. Though he has endured tragedy, he has come out on the other side with a dedication to helping fellow veterans. […]