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Sky Blue Radio HQ, somewhere in the Clouds – We are thrilled to announce the most electrifying and high-flying merger to hit the airwaves! JetStream Radio and Sky Blue Radio are teaming up under the single, sensational banner of “Sky Blue Radio.” Buckle up, music lovers, because this partnership is set to rock the world with a symphony of tunes and a whole lot of laughter!

As of today, Sky Blue Radio has expanded its wings to accommodate not one but TWO incredible music channels, soaring high with Classic Rock and diving deep into the Top 40 hits. It’s like going from a propeller plane to a supersonic jet—all in one fantastic journey!

The Classic Rock channel will have you dancing on air, grooving to the timeless beats of the rock legends. Picture yourself rocking out in the cockpit, air-guitaring with wild abandon while cruising the musical skies.

But that’s not all! Buckle up for a musical joyride on the Top 40 channel, with the historic JetStream name where we’ll be keeping up with the hottest tracks and latest hits. It’s a playlist that’s so cool, it’s practically gliding through the stratosphere!

And hold on tight, because under the Sky Blue Radio umbrella, the fantastic JetStream staff will be joining the party! This collaboration is a match made in musical heaven, uniting our teams with their unique expertise and a shared passion for delivering tunes that make the world soar.

“We’re beyond thrilled to merge with the fabulous folks at Sky Blue Radio,” said Collin Biedenkapp, former JetStream Radio head honcho and soon-to-be Top 40 maestro. “We’re combining the best of what both of us do to make a more fun, more engaging experience for everyone.”

Jeff “JT” Turner, Head Honcho of Sky Blue Radio, couldn’t hide his excitement as he exclaimed, “This merger is a game-changer! We’re turbocharging our stations with the best of Classic Rock and Top 40 and adding the amazing JetStream team to the mix. Our listeners are in for the musical adventure of a lifetime!”

So, fasten your seatbelts, folks, because Sky Blue Radio is ready to take you on a flight of musical fancy that’ll leave you floating on cloud nine! Keep an ear out for your favorite tunes and your favorite DJs, as we gear up to dominate the airwaves and bring you music that’s out of this world.



Get ready to soar, and don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!

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