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Sky Blue Radio is one of the world’s only 24-hour, 7 days per week, Aviation and Flight Simulation station. In continuous operation since 2007, the station has been featured in ‘Air and Space’ Magazine and many other reputable sites and organizations. After 14 years of steady growth, we are now a trusted name in aviation radio for news and product reviews. We can help you promote your business or organization to our 6.1 million-strong* unique listener base

Our Key Performance Indicators:

6.4 million active Unique Listeners, worldwide in 2022, primarily in North and South America’s and Europe during the evening hours (2100 Zulu to 0400 Zulu) with improvement in other areas this past year, like Australia, Asia and the Carribean.

With over 17,000 followers on social media, Sky Blue Radio is the obvious choice for your Flight Simulation and Aviation advertising needs.



Tune in to the sound waves of hilarity and excitement with Sky Blue Radio’s newest radio spot ad production offer! ✨

️ Are you tired of the same old, boring ads? Ready to take your brand to the next level with a splash of humor and a dash of pizzazz? Look no further! Introducing our “Laugh Out Loud” radio spot ad production package, all for the unbeatable price of just $50!

Picture this: Your audience glued to their radios, unable to resist the magnetic charm of your ad as it weaves a tale of whimsy and wonder. Our team of creative geniuses is ready to craft a radio spot that will not only showcase your product or service but also have listeners giggling in delight.

Whether it’s a snappy one-liner, a hilarious scenario, or a clever twist that takes your audience by surprise, we’ve got the comedy chops to make your brand the talk of the airwaves. Let us turn your message into a mini comedy sketch that will leave listeners smiling from ear to ear.

‍♂️ But wait, there’s more! With our radio spot ad production package, you’ll also get a free consultation to discuss your vision, target audience, and any ideas you might have for the ad. We want to ensure that every chuckle and guffaw is perfectly tailored to your brand’s identity.

Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to infuse your brand with humor and captivate your audience like never before. Contact us now at Sky Blue Radio and let’s turn your ordinary ad into an extraordinary comedic masterpiece!


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