One-off Show Sponsorships – 1-month fixed-term, 2 reads per show per week

 1-month fixed-term, 2 reads per show per week ($180 USD)
 Discount option for Presenters with multiple shows per week— inquire with us to learn more



** Get Ready to Rock the Airwaves with Sky Blue Radio’s One-Off Show Sponsorships! **

Hey there, music lovers and sky-high dreamers in Denver and beyond! ✈️ Are you ready to make your brand soar to new heights? Look no further, because Sky Blue Radio’s got the ultimate ticket to radio stardom with our One-Off Show Sponsorships!

️ Imagine this: your brand’s name resonating through the airwaves not once, but **twice** per show, every single week, for a whole month! ✨ That’s right, we’re talking about not just one, but **two reads** during each show, ensuring your message gets the spotlight it deserves.

And let’s talk about the **price**, shall we? For just **$180**, you can secure your place in the radio hall of fame with these limited-time sponsorships. That’s like getting a front-row seat to a concert with the world’s coolest musicians, except this time, **you’re** the rockstar!

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just here to give you a voice on the radio; we’re here to make sure your brand shines brighter than a shooting star. Our professional announcers will infuse your sponsorship reads with enthusiasm, charm, and a touch of Sky Blue Radio’s signature humor. Your message will be so memorable, listeners will be singing your praises long after the show ends!

So, Denver dynamos and all you music enthusiasts out there, don’t miss out on this **stellar opportunity** to skyrocket your brand’s visibility with Sky Blue Radio’s One-Off Show Sponsorships. Whether you’re promoting a local business, a special event, or just want to make a splash, we’ve got your back!

Tune in to success, turn up the excitement, and let’s make your brand the talk of the town with Sky Blue Radio. Contact us today and let’s get ready to rock those airwaves!


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