OG Flow of Preachas in tha Hood | CHH | 09/04

todaySeptember 5, 2022 8

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OG Flow of Preachas in tha Hood on Sky Blue Radio Track List 09/04/22

  1. “08 West Funk”,”President Chell”
  2. “Who That Is”,”Social Club Misfits, DJ Laz”
  3. “Still Up”,”Jon Keith, Nobigdyl.”
  4. “Bible Going Viral (feat. Caleb Gordon)”,”Mike Teezy”
  5. “CECE”,”Indie Tribe, Nobigdyl., Jon Keith”
  6. “Don’t Worry Bout It”,”Wande, Porsha Love”
  7. “ONE WAY”,”Nobigdyl.”
  8. “I Can’t Lose”,”K Diamond, Brenno, Aable”
  9. “Spread The Opps”,”Lecrae”
  10. “WAY MAKER”,”Kkah$o, Kelo”
  11. “Church House Trap House”,”1K Phew, 1k Pson”
  12. “Hold Me Back”,”Canon, Derek Minor”
  13. “You Know the Drill”,”Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed, Magic & Bird”
  14. “CATFISH”,”Torey D’Shaun, Nobigdyl.”
  15. “PETER BAND$ (feat. Hulvey)”,”DJ Mykael V & 350 & A3″
  16. “La Fiesta (Remix)”,”116, Alex Zurdo, Redimi2, Lecrae, Funky”
  17. “Pa’ mi gente (Remix)”,”Jadi Torres, Rhyan LaMarr, Angie Rose, Fern, Mod G”
  18. “Ionou Jack”,”Aha Gazelle”
  19. “No Chains”,”KB”
  20. “Ram in the Bush”,”Mike Teezy”
  21. “God Flex”,”Tedashii”
  22. “No Days Off”,”Trip Lee”
  23. “Ready or Not”,”Hulvey”
  24. “SPIN BACK!”,”Scootie Wop”
  25. “…Falling?”,”Andy Mineo”
  26. “The One With The Presidential Freestyle”,”Marty”
  27. “Respect My Team”,”Tedashii, Lecrae, Trip Lee”
  28. “WHAT A DAY”,”Nobigdyl.”
  29. “So Good”,”Torey D’Shaun, 1kphew”
  30. “Godfidence”,”Adrien Lamont”
  31. “Long Way (feat. KB)”,”Lathan Warlick, KB”
  32. “RED 23″,”PEEDY CASE”
  33. “GOING UP!”,”DEON, Jon Keith”
  34. “REST (feat. nobigdyl.)”,”Not Klyde”
  35. “I Think (Securus Original Hip Hop Track Winner, Carmela Mose)”,”Good”
  36. “No Loss”,”Canon”
  37. “On E”,”Red Tips”
  38. “Too Much? My Bad!”,”Datin, Dax Hamma, Bizzle, Mike Teezy”
  39. “Cover Me”,”Chille’ Baby (A Legendary Gospel Gangsta)”
  40. “Show Down”,”A.G.E.”
  41. “STERLING”,”Indie Tribe, Mogli the Iceburg, Jon Keith”

Written by: JT

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