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Keeper of the Conundrum

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I’m an English, guy transplant from Canada! I more or less defected from there. (I like to think that anyway). I come from a big European family. I’m loud, crazy, and most of the time just plain “Bent”.

Thus… My Radio Theme is “The Master of Mayhem” and “Keeper of the Conundrum”. Classic Rock and Roll Baby!

I talk a lot, like a glass of “Very Dry”, White Wine. So dry I can spit dust after. I love music, live Southern shows, walking, and wiggling my toes in the sand whenever I can get to the beach. California whenever possible!

I have a super beautiful wife, Mary, 2 beautiful daughters, and 4 fantabulous Grandchildren. I’m 99.9% happy most of the time…some people find this annoying.

My guilty pleasures; are cars, rollercoasters, and the Ocean. On a weekend you can find me anywhere except where they want me to be. I’m a fan of Amusement Parks. Go figure! Electronics, was my major in college, graduated with a degree in electronics and electrical engineering. I did almost every job conceivable, but EMS was my passion, and I wound up on your radio…go figure! If you see me out and need me to be little nuts for you, I will just prove it…I will.

Keeper of the Conundrum crew

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