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Product Review Master

Regan – Product Reviews!

Hello all. My name is Regan I and currently reside in Delaware...yes...I'm in... Delaware.  I’m here to provide you with reviews on some of the latest products and add-ons for Microsoft Flight Sim. My goal is to provide honest information with a splash of humor to every review I do.   Now crank it up and rip the knob off!!

Art Director

Crankin’ and Bankin’ with Captain Crunch

DJ Captain Crunch is from the Boston area and has been cranking up rock and heavy metal since he was a pre-teen in the late 1970’s!  “Crunch”, aka Thomas, is an Army Veteran, former 18-wheeler driver; whose day job is now antenna and RF engineering. His university studies include computer aided drafting, computer programming, test and measurement, project management, physics, and electrical engineering.  Military experience includes Special Operations and Leadership, intelligence analysis, wireless, satellite and fixed communications as well as non-commissioned officer leadership.



I love my job... How many times have you heard me say that during my show, at least 400 times... I really enjoy playing all kinds of music and have been known to go from 50's and 60's, up to 70's and 80's and then todays hits all in one show AND making it sound smoooooth.