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Willy Canuck talks to The SydSquad

Written by on August 18, 2021

This Sunday at 1300zulu (2pm London, 9am Eastern), Willy interviews the awesome sim team from down under, The SydSquad.

“Friendship and Flight Simulation through Hard Times”

The Pandemic has left a mark on us all and the SydSquad evolved as a support community for those who wanted a release from the harsh reality of lockdown and isolation.  To celebrate their One-Year anniversary, this week Willy speaks with Tim, Kurt, Nigel and Matt who make up the SydSquad.  Streaming regularly on YouTube, these lovely Australian Gents provide an engaging and fun experience through their community flight streams built on friendship, support and airplanes!

Off stream, the SydSquad has also provided a welcoming and supportive community on Discord that serves as a refuge for those who want to share their challenges and their love for Flight Simulation.

Featuring a mix of modern rock and hard beats, the music compliments the team perfectly and the great atmosphere they bring to the Flight Simulation community.

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Check out the SydSquad and subscribe for entertaining and friendly community flights…


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