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Willy Canuck hosts Dave Hodgins – Aerial Applicator

Written by on March 26, 2021

Tune in this Sunday at 1300z (2pm London, 9am Eastern) as Willy chats with 3rd-Generation Crop Duster, Dave Hodgins.

“Flight Without Compromise”

Now known as ‘Aerial Applicators’, Dave talks to Willy about the modern role of crop dusting which varies from crops, forest management and seeding.  Flying a fleet of specially-modified Super Cubs, Dave and his Family regularly travel all over the enormous Province of Ontario, Canada.

Providing services as ‘General Airspray Ltd‘ located in Lucan, Ontario, These seasoned flyers combat wind, weather and distance to assist both the farming communities of Ontario and the daunting challenges set by the Ontario Forestry Commission.  In an aircraft where the Garmin 550 is about as advanced as it gets, Dave describes some truly amazing demands placed on the pilots of General Airspray as they carry out crop management and aerial seeding over vast landscapes surrounded by nature and wildlife.

However, this Sunday, it’s just as much about Family and appreciating Home as it is about flying adventures.  Join us for a heart-warming campfire-style chat with Dave Hodgins as he tells Willy about his remarkable life both in the air…and on the ground.  Set to a soundtrack of the good ‘ole tunes inspired by Dave himself, best you find your favourite Stetson and settle in for a spell as Dave talks Ontario country living while Willy grows homesick.

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