Wee Tune Beastie – Terms and Conditions

Wee Tune Beastie SBE BETA (Sky Blue Edition)
Updated: 02 December 2020

End-User License Agreement


‘The User’: The end-user who has downloaded this software with the intent to install and use for the purposes of streaming content from SkyBlueRadio.com.
‘SBR’: Sky Blue Radio, a non-profit Internet Radio Station responsible for all content as streamed from www.skyblueradio.com.
‘The Author’: D. W. Leslie, creator of Wee Tune Beastie.
‘This Software’: Wee Tune Beastie SBE (Sky Blue Edition)


The User shall agree to the following Terms and Conditions upon download, installation and use of this software:

  • The User agrees that The Author has provided This Software for use with SBR services under license and The Author accepts no liability for any actions or content, undertaken or provided by SBR.
  • The Author does not provide any warranty for the use of This Software to The User.
  • The Author is not responsible or liable for the use of This Software including but not limited to any damage or corruption, perceived or otherwise, caused to hardware, software or data as a result of its use.
  • The Author is not responsible or liable for any audio content provided by SBR including any content presented through use of This Software


This software may be downloaded from the Sky Blue Radio website and installed by the user on any number of PCs for personal flight simulation use or private streaming of Sky Blue Radio. No part of this software may be uploaded to any web site or distributed by any means, electronic or otherwise, including but not restricted to torrents, ftp, email etc services, without The Author’s express, written consent.

Copyright © 2007 – 2020 D. W. Leslie. All rights reserved.


This Software requires an authorised copy of FSUIPC to provide connection to X-Plane, Flight Simulator X, Prepard 3d and Flight Simulator 2020. FSUIPC can be downloaded from http://fsuipc.com

This Software requires .Net Framework v4.6.2. It can also be downloaded from http://www.microsoft.com/Net/Download.aspx

This version of This Software will only run on Windows Vista or later.

This software will require an active Internet connection.


  • This Software does not collect, harvest or transmit any personal information or data (local or otherwise) as a result of use.
  • This Software requires an active Internet connection for the sole purpose of connecting to the SBR live radio stream; no other content or Internet activity is required or facilitated.
  • Composition:
    • FSUIPCClient (Fsuipc connector/GitHub) – facilitates connection to an active session of FSUIPC for the detection of the COM2 radio settings
    • WMPLib (Windows Media Player Interop/GitHub) – facilitates connection to the Microsoft Windows Media Player component for the ability to connect to and present the live radio stream from Sky Blue Radio (www.skyblueradio.com)
  • Program Flow:
    • on load
      • present application as icon in task tray
    • connect to FS
      • attempts to connect to an active FSUIPC session
      • on connection succesful, application shall monitor for an active COM2 radio set to 123.45
      • 123.45 detection
        • application initiates stream to skyblueradio.com
    • disconnect
      • application disposes FSUIPC connection and halts stream if connected/streaming
    • play radio now
      • application initiates stream to skyblueradio.com
    • VOLUME SETTINGS (100,50,40,30,20,10,MUTE)
      • application sets its own independent volume setting with the default Windows volume mixer environment
    • exit
      • application terminates


  • Installation:
    • the installation will initiate automatically on click
      -First Use:
    • you must download, install and activate a version of FSUIPC (free) compatible with your flight simulator application prior to using this application; only one version of FSUIPC and a compatible flight simulator program can be used at one time
    • you must run an active session of Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX or 2020), X-Plane or Prepard 3D; WTB will only connect when there is an active flight detected by FSUIPC
    • run WTB
    • you will need to instruct Windows Defender or other Firewall software to allow an outbound connection to the Internet
    • the app will start with a red icon ‘Idle’in the task tray
  • How to use WTB:
    • locate the WTB icon (red globe wearing headphones) in your task tray, you may need to click the ‘^’ button to the left of the task icons to see it
    • right-click on the WTB icon to open the app menu
    • you may stream SkyblueRadio by clicking ‘Play Radio Now’; on successful connection the icon will turn blue ‘Non-FS Playback’
  • Using WTB by tuning 123.45 in your simulator:
    • click ‘Connect to FS’ – the icon will turn yellow ‘Ready to stream’ on successful connection to FSUIPC and an active flight
      • an error will be displayed if no FSUIPC session is detected
    • In your flight simulator, tune 123.45 on COM2 and SET AS THE ACTIVE FREQUENCY – note that WTB ONLY WORKS WITH COM2 AND ONLY WHEN 123.45 IS ACTIVE!
      • You should hear a radio tuning noise and the live stream will start playing (assuming you have allowed outbound connections through your firewall)
      • the icon will turn green ‘Connected to FS, 123.45 detected on COM2 and Skyblueradio stream playing’
  • To stop playback
    • Turn off radio
      • you can do this by simply switching the COM2 frequency to something other than 123.45 and the stream will stop and the icon will turn yellow -OR-
    • Disconnect the session
      • you can select ‘Disconnect’ and the app will disconnect from FSUIPC and terminate the stream and the icon will turn red
  • To terminate the application:
    • Exit the app
      • select ‘Exit’ from the menu and the application will terminate the stream and close


You may provide any feedback by emailing wtb@skyblueradio.com; please note that we will not respond to all queries

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