ToLiss Releases EFB and Updates A340 for X-Plane

todayNovember 21, 2022 157

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ToLiss took to their Facebook page to announce the release of a major update for their A340-600 rendition on X-Plane. This update brings the aircraft to version 1.2 and includes many new features and bug fixes.

Firstly, this update brings the highly awaited EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) to the A340. This will allow simmers to now ditch the ISCS panel and instead use the EFB. For example, notable features of the EFB include accurate performance calculation, weight and fuel management and Avitab integration. Read George’s article to learn more about the EFB and its quirky features.

Secondly, the update also brings the CPDLC feature to the aircraft. As a result, this will allow pilots to perform realistic ATC to aircraft communications via text. The CPDLC is integrated via the Hoppie network and is thus functional on Vatsim and IVAO.

In addition, the developer tweaked many subtle features of the A340. Examples include texture revamps, avionics improvements and an improvement on the anti-ice logic for XP12.

Finally, the update is available on the X-Plane.org store or via Skunkcrafts. The ToLiss A340 can be purchased on the X-Plane.org store for $89.99 (approx. 87.82€). The full change log is at the end of the article.

The Airbus A340-600 is the last version of the A340 series. Able to carry 379 passengers in a three-class cabin layout, the A340-600 can travel up to 13,900 km. This variant aimed to rival Boeing’s 777s and older gen 747s. However, the A340-600 failed to gain as much popularity as expected. This was mainly due to its high fuel consumption and high operational costs. Due to the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and rising fuel costs, many operators prematurely retired the aircraft type from their fleets. Current operators of the A340-600 include Lufthansa and Mahan Air.

Change Log

Major new features:

EFB TO performance calculator for detailed TO performance calculation considering Anti Ice, Packs, etc.

Inclusion of an EFB LDG performance calculator including METAR retrieval (X-plane 11 and X-plane 12 built-in weather) for user-selectable airports

EFB interactive checklist page with user-customizable checklists via XML files.

CPDLC integration based on the Hoppie network

Native M1 support on Mac OS.

Minor new features:

Added icing model to our custom engine model

Added option to always use the SimBrief wind data for wind requests (independent of x-plane WX setting)

Texture improvements

Added pilot models in external view

Bug fixes:

Fixed chocks logic for start with engines running

Improved anti-ice operation in XP12

Selecting an RNP value of 0.3NM or less with an RNAV approach will make it an RNP-AR approach

Improved glide slope capture behaviour

Improvements to Direct To function with abeam points

Fixed decals on rear doors

Fixed kink in passenger window frame on left side of mid fuselage


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