The US Air Force needs you Flight Simulator Pilots!

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Remote Aviation Force

Attention all Flight Sim



The US Air Force has just announced an exciting new opportunity for those with flight
simulator experience to join the team operating the various unmanned aircraft. Not only
will this provide an incredible opportunity to gain real-world aviation experience, but
successful candidates will also play a key role in cutting operational expenditure for the Air

To be considered for this role, candidates must have a strong understanding of aviation
principles and a track record of successfully operating flight simulators. Additionally,
candidates must be willing to allow Air Force technicians access to their computer
hardware in order to upgrade the simulator communications between their computer and
the drones.

It is important to note that this is not a combat role, and while the drones may be armed,
military personnel will take over should the need arise. The primary responsibility of these
volunteers will be to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the unmanned aircraft.

This opportunity is an incredible chance for those with a passion for aviation to contribute
to the mission of the US Air Force while gaining valuable experience in the field. Successful
candidates will be trained in the operation of the unmanned aircraft and will have the
opportunity to work alongside some of the most skilled aviation professionals in the world.

So, if you have a love for aviation and a desire to serve your country, apply today to join the
US Air Force’s team of unmanned aircraft operators. Together, we can help cut operational
expenditure while ensuring the safe and efficient operation of these vital aircraft.

Send your Flight Sim resume to [email protected] who will auto forward your to
the relevant departments.

Maj. Ian Cedent
US Drone Force




Written by: JT

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