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Written by on January 11, 2021

Written By Mongo on January 10th, 2021

Reviewer’s PC Config:
Intel Core i7-9700K 3.60 GHz
16GB RAM      NVIDIA 2070 Super 8GB
256GB M.2 NVME Boot Drive      2TB SSD Data Drive
27” ASUS RoG Main Monitor & 17” LCD Side Display
Windows 10 OS

Today’s review is THE SKYPARK by Parallel 42.  Its not often that a piece of software compliments another so well.  Skypark is that piece of software.  It really meshes well with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.  It is more than just another piece of software that tells you to fly from point A to Point B.  Skypark brings a pilot a sense of purpose to a Flight Simulator pilot other than just jumping into a plane and just starting it up.  You can either go for a life of adventure or shoot for financial success.  A life as a contract pilot awaits you.  You can fly all over the world fly many different types and lengths of contracts, some good and some bad.  That is where the new concert of Karma comes in..  But, more on that later..  The program consists of two main parts, the Transponder & the Skypad.

The Skypark Transponder

The Skypark Transponder is the first half of Skypark. The transponder is the internet component of this software. This has to be started before you can run Skypad. This is what generates contracts for your Skypad. It also helps keep the whole package updated and current and you can also set your personal preferences. The transponder can be minimized to work in you taskbar while you run the skypad and the flight simulator.

The Skypark Skypad

The Skypark Skypad is the main part of the program. They call this the SkyOS. This part of the program is the main interface with all the sub-screens of the Skypad.

It consists of;
Contrax ConduityoFlight Holdings
Progress SettingsFeedback

The Contrax Screen

Contrax is where you decide what you want to do, where you would like to fly and what you would like to haul. Passengers or Cargo or Both! You get to decide what type of plane you can take also. Each individual contract has suggestions of what type of plane you should take. It has filters for your search so you can narrow down your possibilites or you can roll the dice and see what comes up!

The Conduit Screen

The Conduit Page is the contract management section of the Skypad. Here you will see contract details of the contract you picked on the Contrax page. It will show a checklist of the things that you need to get done during the duration of your contract.

yoFlight Screen

The yoFlight screen is somewhat like an Electronic Flight Bag..  Here you can get detailed info on planning and tracking your plane in-flight.   From this screen you can also load and unload cargo from your contract.   It has a manipulatable moving map with terrain details that tracks your plane.     This is where you will spend most of your time during your flight.

Holdings Screen

This is the financial section of the Skypad.  It shows your current banking information such as balances, current deposits and expenses.  This section of the skypad will be further expanded as development of the program continues.

Progress Screen

The Progress screen is how your performance is tracked during your history of playing Skypad.  On this screen, it shows your current Bank Balance, Experience level, Karma Level, and your reputation.   This is where your mysterious Karma level is show.   Your Karma level has serious impact on what type of Contracts you get offered on your Contrax screen.  Finish jobs late and do illegal jobs/flights, your Karma goes down.   Finish jobs early and go the extra mile to do that “special” job, your Karma goes up. 

In Conclusion

I think that The Skypark is an excellent addition to anyone’s Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 library.   If you are looking to do more that a plain drab point-to-point flight, or the tedium of managing an airline or cargo company,  The Skypark is for you.  It can bring some excitement to your Flight Sim 2020 experience.  I love it and am going to keep flying with my Skypad.  

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