FS2Crew is pleased to announced that FS2Crew for the PMDG 777 has been updated to Version 3.4. This is a free update that brings FS2Crew in line with the recent PMDG 777 update. Change Log Coughing and paper sounds removed per user request. Ground service handling updated to match new menu layout in the latest PMDG […]

FS2Crew, this new program makes pushing back in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 100 times better! No more asking ATC to relay instructions to the tug driver… those days are over! Watch the trailer and download via here: Pushback Express.

Our newest product, Flight Crew A320, has been updated! V1.1 Change Log: New: Option to auto reopen the FS2Crew Main Panel if, when using a single monitor, the FS2Crew window gets automatically hidden when you put the Flight Simulator window in focus.  New: Option to select the model you are using (A318 to A330).  This will load the […]

FS2Crew today released the awaited update to the FSLabs Airbus for Prepar3D! Version 1.5 Change Log: Prepar 3D V5 Support.  Autobrake MAX option removed from the Approach Brief.  Packs Off Takeoff now works properly if user manually configured for single pack operation during taxi out. New approach option: RNAV (RNP).  Only difference is FO will […]

Version 2.0 Change Log: Support for the Majestic Dash 8 Q400.    New “Freeze” pushback method (beneficial for PMDG users).  Fixed Addon-on.xml file reader.  New option to “exclude” scenery areas such as heliports.  Please visit the FS2Crew Forum at Avsim.com to view the full change log.  There’s too much to print here!

Free Update!! FO will now attempt to blank the Electronic Checklist when the checklist is finished.  He will press the “ND” button on the MCP.  A new Config option is available for those who do not want the FO to press “ND” after the checklist has been completed.  UK Voice Set completely reworked.  UK Cabin […]

FS2Crew today has released version 1.0. Features included are: Three brand new airline specific SOPs in one package.  Each SOP set (Standard Operating Procedure) was designed and tested by an active, real-world 737 pilot for maximum realism.   Note: Button control is limited to a single SOP. Emergency NGX! functionality (a 24.95 EUR Value).  Emergency […]

FS2Crew updates us with the FSLabs Airbus – It’s been updated to version 1.2 with special support for Ultimate Ground Crew X and a new US Female Officer! CHANGE LOG: 1. UGCX integration Part 1.  When UGCX “voice control” is enabled  for your aircraft profile, FS2Crew will no longer respond to the “Ground from Cockpit Voice Command”. […]

Today, Bryan from FS2Crew released version 1.3 which is critical update for those of you using UGX! This is the change log – Scenery indexing load times should optimized. Fixed the performance issue during when loading the scenery cache. This happened during landings and when opening the UGCX main menu. Fixed the PMDG 747/777 models […]

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