Sasuke in for Skip 9/16

todaySeptember 18, 2022 10

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Broadcasting somewhere within the Hidden Leaf Village, DJ Sasuke is honored to be the host of
The Susanoo Show. Yes, my fellow Hidden Leaf shinobis! My alias and show name are a
direct reference to the famous Japanese anime character Sasuke Uchiha, one of the most
popular characters in Naruto: Shippuden. I share the exact birthdate (July 23) and introverted,
quiet, and arrogant personality traits with my homie Sasuke. Perhaps, I could be a reincarnation
of him, though I could be trippin.

I am, perhaps, the youngest radio personality host on Sky Blue Radio at the remarkable age of
only nineteen years old.

Because I grew up with classic hits, my favorite genre of music is classic rock and alternative
modern rock, including oldies hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. I am the only few from Generation
Z who treasures this music genre, dattebayo!

My all-time favorite band is Pink Floyd, and my favorite song from them is Comfortably Numb. I
ain’t finna cap! It is one of the best songs to listen to in the twenty-first century.


Written by: JT

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