Rohan reviews the xEnviro Version 1.09 for X-Plane 11

Written by on June 19, 2018

Weather. It decides if you can fly or not. It decides how high you’ll fly. It decides how fast you can fly. It also decides the route you’ll take. It’s also moody. When it’s happy, the going’s good. When it’s snappy, which it can become in mere minutes, you’ll be wrestling with it and your terrified passengers will hang on to their seats as the craft they’re in is tossed about in the endless blue. Or can it be the endless grey at times? Regardless, weather seems to be an important person because it governs so much of flying. Keeping that in mind, I can say that flight simulation enthusiasts across the globe seek an accurate representation of weather phenomena in flight simulators. The Microsoft based franchises have their own of set of mature and performant weather engines. Combine one of those with an excellent texture pack and you’ll get yourself a great looking sky to fly in. That’s the MSFS side of things.

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