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Carmel, Ind. – January 8, 2023 – The YawmanTM ArrowTM, a revolutionary new compact controller
for virtual flying, is now available in the United States.
Exclusively available for purchase at yawmanflight.com and Sporty’s Pilot Shop, the controller
combines a complex yoke, throttle quadrant and mechanically-linked rudder pedals together in a
handheld package. Priced at $249, less than just one piece of advanced sim hardware.

“This has been a methodical journey to bring together all the familiar pieces of flight simulation
hardware into an ultra-mobile form factor without compromising the virtual flying experience,”
said Yawman co-founder Thomas Nield. “We have achieved that and we are excited to deliver it
to the simming community.”

Designed, manufactured and packaged in the USA and crafted by simmers for simmers, the
Arrow will be the primary controller on simmers’ Windows or Apple laptop, desktop or Android
tablet. Packed with everything virtual aviators need for the most advanced simulators, the Arrow
is designed to be with simmers wherever they want to fly. The Arrow delivers an entirely new
type of experience never available before to simmers:

– Take a sim on the road with a gaming laptop or Android tablet – works great on
airplanes, trains, in hotels and coffee shops
– Pull on a VR headset and keep all controls close at hand
– Cast to a TV from a laptop and fly from the comfort of the couch
– Grab a quick flight before dinner or on a break
– Free up desk space with a minimalist sim setup with no compromise in functionality
– Use it for real-world flight familiarization, preparation and training without complex

The patented Yawman is full of flight sim firsts: The technology inside the Arrow unlocks
intuitive rudder control with mechanically-linked triggers that make flight possible in the
toughest of simulated crosswinds, adding adept maneuverability while taxiing. The integrated
trim wheel gives you the realism that’s previously only been available on larger and more
expensive hardware.
“We’ve brought a deliberate precision to Yawman, making it a multi-function controller that
requires no additional configuration software to maximize its plug-and-play utility,” said Nield.
The Arrow is designed for aircraft of all shapes and sizes: from small general aviation aircraft
with individual engine controls to helicopters that rely on cyclic, anti-torque and collective all the
way to high-performance fighter jets and the most advanced jetliners with automatic or manual
trim systems.
While the Arrow is infinitely configurable with its multi-press capability, both starter and
advanced profiles — designed for different aircraft types — will help get users up and flying
quickly, getting the most from the Yawman Arrow. Every function of the Arrow is intended to
work seamlessly with the most modern flight simulation platforms.
In the coming weeks, the Arrow will be available for deliveries outside the U.S., pending
international certifications.

January 2021 – Initial prototyping
May 2021 – Yawman formed
August 2021 – USA supplier selection

2022 – Design refinement
January 2023 – Yawman emerges from stealth
June 2023 – Public debut at FSExpo in Houston
August 2023 – Patent approval from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
December 2023 – Production begins in the USA
More about the Yawman Arrow
In addition to controls in pitch, roll and yaw, the Arrow includes a total of seven
fully-programmable axes, plus two unique vernier-style engine controls like those found on
some small piston-powered aircraft. Those same controls are also perfect for deploying large jet
spoilers and thrust reversers.
The integrated trim wheel maximizes your realism, along with two shoulder bumper buttons, a
five-button D-pad, a five-way hat switch for independent viewing angles and video recording, and
a multifunction six pack of programmable buttons that allow for endless combinations to
control everything from autopilot functions to aircraft systems.
The Arrow is fully compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC, Laminar Research X-Plane
on PC and macOS, Infinite Flight for Android, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, DCS World – and more
– as well as non-simulation games that support HID joystick controls. The Arrow is not
compatible with iOS devices or Xbox.
The Arrow requires one available USB port and weighs 7.83 ounces or 222 g, ideal for
comfortable short or long-haul flying and easy portability, with no need for batteries or charging.
ABOUT YAWMAN: Based in Carmel, Indiana Yawman LLC is the creation of three passionate
aviation professionals: Brothers Thomas and Dwight Nield, both aviation and airline veterans,
and real-world aviation media founder Jon Ostrower. The Arrow is Yawman’s



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