PMDG Updates their 737 for MSFS, Updates EULA

Written by on June 26, 2022

PMDG has recently released a new update for their 737-700 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As usual, Robert Randazzo informed us about the update through their forums, as so with the EULA update.

737 Update 3.00.0024

This update includes a significant “behind the panel” work, which the development team worked on to prepare the aircraft for the new LNAV roll-out. Robert said that they are very close to releasing this new LNAV.

However, this update for end-users is important due to the new animation system, which was implemented in this aircraft version. The developer created a new technique, which they are going to use in their future releases. This new technique makes the animations smoother without eating CPU and GPU performance.

Users can see the animation improvements on the yoke, trim wheel, wipers, flaps lever and so on. Randazzo also mentioned that the next week the dev team wants to focus on control axis related issues. With this, the team also prepares a video for their channel that will show you how to set up your controls correctly for their aircraft. By the control axis related issues, Robert meant the problem of nose wheel steering in the simulator. Which is very sensitive at this moment.

To get the update 3.00.0024 to your aircraft, you have to update it through PMDG Operations Center.

Lastly, Randazzo mentioned that there is a bit of work on the other upcoming versions of their 737. He also said that 737-800 is currently in testing. Speaking of the EFB and 737-600, those two are coming along well, despite the delay, announced earlier this week.

EULA Update

Robert Randazzo said in the other forum post, that they reworked their EULA (end-user license agreement) article. After the significant pressure from the community, PMDG decided to make it possible for modders to edit their texture and publish them as freeware without DMCA takedown.

While this EULA allows modders to edit, for example, cockpit textures and other aspects of the plane, you will still need permission in case you want to edit the sounds and base files of the aircraft. According to Robert, this limitation comes from some complicated case-law in intellectual property.

At the end of the day, you can now freely share your creations with the community. If you received a DMCA takedown previously, you can just re-upload your customized assets.

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