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Parallel 42 Releases Interactive Checklists for FreedomFox

Written by on January 9, 2022

After a successful launch last year, Parallel 42 has a few days ago released a significant update for their #FreedomFox aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The update brings multiple pristine features, one of which are interactive checklists.

Edson from Parallel 42 began the post by stating: “Building the Interactive Checklists was way harder than it should have been, but that probably explains why most developers don’t go down the path of using the feature.

In addition to the previously mentioned interactive checklists, the update also comes with improved flight stick textures, camera positions, and accurate simulation of various sensors.

With a typical //42 approach, the feature list also includes the item: “Found a missing nut rolling around in cabin, re-attached to pax door.

The Parallel 42 team has also listened to feedback from the community and implemented various other fixes and updates. Including the ability for the Mod Manager to self-update, or various small fixes to the 3D model.

All previously mentioned changes also apply to the Fox2 variant of the addon.

You can update the aircraft solely through the Orbx Central application. You will be prompted with the update upon the application launch. If you want to purchase the aircraft, you can do so exclusively through Orbx Central or Orbx’s website for a decent price of about €26.50.

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