Orbx Announces Volanta Mobile App

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The Orbx team has recently taken to their forums to announce an upcoming version of their popular flight tracker. Volanta is going to get its update 1.4, which is going to come with a mobile app, stream overlay and much more.

Firstly, the Volanta Mobile is going to be available for iOS, as well as Android devices. This, however, is going to be a feature locked behind the Volanta Premium subscription.

Volanta Mobile

Volanta Mobile is going to do pretty much as one would expect. You will be able to track your active flight and even freeze your simulator. This will come in handy if your aircraft has decided to do an uncontrollable barrel roll and you are away from the keyboard.

The first version of Volanta Mobile is still deeply under development. Thus, Orbx is looking forward to hearing from the community about what they want to see in the app. Even though the app is premium only, you will be still able to access Volanta on your mobile through the website.


Speaking of the updated schedules, FlightAware is going to power monthly updated schedules that you can find if you are a Volanta Premium subscriber. This is going to bring much more accurate and up-to-date schedule data to enjoy.

Overlay, Discord Integration and More

The stream overlay is going to come in handy for everybody who enjoys streaming their flights on Twitch or YouTube. It will show all the important information about the flight, such as ground speed, ETA, heading and altitude. It is easy to customise and perfect for anyone who is getting started with live streaming. However, it is again a premium-only feature for Volanta Premium users.

In addition to that, you will be able to plan a tour through Volanta, or simply just a schedule for the week. Making managing future flights of yours much easier. Lastly, Volanta is going to bring improvements to Discord integration. From update 1.4 and onwards, Volanta is going to show on your Discord profile exactly which simulator you’re flying, as well as more information about your flight.


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