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OG Flow of Preachas in tha Hood on Sky Blue Radio Track List 01/16/22 

  1. “On My 116″,”DJ Official, Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, Trip Lee”
  2. “116 Canon Remix”,”PRo”
  3. “Represent”,”Lecrae, Tedashii”
  4. “Represent II”,”116, Wande, Gawvi, 1K Phew, Trip Lee”
  5. “Bye Felicia”,”Mike Teezy, !sch”
  6. “Calvin Cambridge”,”Coop”
  7. “i80 (feat. NK4, CJ Emulous & KidViz)”,”GLO. & Miles Minnick”
  8. “Bring It On”,”Phathom, Many Faces, Phil the Voice, R-Swift”
  9. “IT’S THE VIBE FOR ME”,”George.Rose”
  10. “Honest”,”BigBreeze”
  11. “Otu Otu Isii (One One Six)”,”116, Limoblaze, Tedashii, Wande”
  12. “Master Class (Cypher) (feat. Q-Flo, outr.cty, International Show & Weez the Satellite Kiid)”,”Mitch Darrell & Prodi Da Prodigal”
  13. “2022”,”Battz”
  14. “Amen”,”Lecrae, 1K Phew”
  15. “God in it”,”Caleb Gordon”
  16. “WHAT A DAY”,”Nobigdyl.”
  17. “So Tired (feat. Bizzle & Zhalarina)”,”KB, Bizzle, Zhalarina”
  18. “Crack the Tomb”,”Hulvey, Torey D’Shaun”
  19. “Bank On It (Giant killer UK Remix) Bonus Track”,”Chille’ Baby (A Legendary Gospel Gangsta)”
  20. “Can’t Tell It All (Remix)”,”Hulvey, KB, Lecrae”
  21. “Uh-Huh?”,”IMRSQD, Moflo Music, Sammie Lee”
  22. “116”,”Derek Minor, KB”
  23. “I’s On Him”,”Jay Violet, Battz”
  24. “sabbatical.”,”Tylerhateslife, Kamban”
  25. “Holy Spirit Activate (feat. Hulvey)”,”Caleb Gordon”
  26. “Holy Spirit Activate”,”Jharmony”
  27. “i’ll hold on”,”JXHN PVUL, Kurtis Hoppie”
  28. “roses”,”Cole Tindal, Ruslan”
  29. “à La Mode”,”Adriel Cruz”
  30. “Zone”,”Blanca, Gawvi”
  31. “Bless Yah Day”,”Chille’ Baby (A Legendary Gospel Gangsta)”
  32. “Til Death (no guitars) bounce.mp3″,”Andy Mineo”
  33. “IN LUV”,”Wande”
  34. “The One With The Emo TRL Sound”,”Marty, Hollyn”
  35. “Armies”,”Tylerhateslife”
  36. “08 West Funk”,”President Chell”
  37. “I Love You”,”Lecrae, Chris Lee”
  38. “Got You On My Mind”,”NF”
  39. “Right by My Side”,”Derek Minor, Anthony Evens Jr., Chad Jones”
  40. “Love Never Leaves”,”Tedashii, Natalie Lauren”

Written by: JT

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