OG Flow of Preachas in tha Hood | CHH | 06/26

todayJune 27, 2022 12

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OG Flow of Preachas in tha Hood on Sky Blue Radio Track List 06/26/22

  1. “CECE”,”Indie Tribe, Nobigdyl., Jon Keith”
  2. “The Offering”,”1K Phew”
  3. “Why Wait!”,”Flame, George Rose”
  4. “KSEE UNDERCOVER II (feat. Lazarus! & Battz)”,”K-SEE”
  5. “Where Do We Go?”,”Sho Baraka”
  6. “Die Daily”,”5ive, Co Campbell”
  7. “No Popstar (feat. CJ Emulous & KidViz)”,”GLO. & NK4 & Miles Minnick”
  8. “Choose You”,”Aaron Cole”
  9. “GIRLGANG Freestyle”,”Relena-Rochelle, Tylynn, Mykiiie”
  10. “Alive (feat. 1K Phew)”,”George.Rose”
  11. “Hit My Line”,”Red Tips, YB”
  12. “Julius Caesar”,”DEON, 1K Phew, 1k Pson”
  13. “Respect My Team”,”Tedashii, Lecrae, Trip Lee”
  14. “BIG SMALL BUSINESS”,”Tobe Nwigwe”
  15. “butterfly vibes 2″,”YB”
  16. “Down Too Long”,”Reece Lache’, BigBreeze”
  17. “LEAD ME”,”The One Keon”
  18. “30 Drum (feat. Not Klyde)”,”Hunterdrinkswater”
  19. “Cover Me”,”Chille’ Baby (A Legendary Gospel Gangsta)”
  20. “King Jesus (feat. Big Breeze, Scootie Wop, 1K Phew, Mike Teezy, Limoblaze, Wande, Cardec Drums, Tommy Royale & S.O.) (Pt. II)”,”KB, Big Breeze, Scootie Wop, 1K Phew, Mike Teezy, Limoblaze, Wande, Cardec Drums, Tommy Royale, S.O.”
  21. “Worship in the Moshpit”,”KB”
  22. “Been About It”,”Andy Mineo, Lecrae”
  23. “Ghost”,”Miles Minnick, Bizzle”
  24. “One Call”,”Lecrae, 1K Phew”
  25. “on the set (feat. Kaleb Mitchell)”,”Dave”
  26. “Pa’ mi gente (Remix)”,”Jadi Torres, Rhyan LaMarr, Angie Rose, Fern, Mod G”
  27. “Little Light (feat. Datin, A.I. The Anomaly, Bumps INF, Selah The Corner & Jered Sanders)”,”Bizzle, God Over Money”
  28. “the real thicc shady.”,”Tylerhateslife”
  29. “I’m Her”,”Kidd Lee”
  31. “WHAT A DAY”,”Nobigdyl.”
  32. “DUNK CONTEST (MAGIC BIRD)”,”Andy Mineo, Wordsplayed”
  33. “187em’ Demons”,”T-Bone”
  34. “Ain’t No Party”,”CMC’s”
  35. “Who’s In the House”,”Unity Klan”
  36. “Wrath Of God”,”Antonious & Marod”
  37. “Smile Now, Cry Later”,”Preachas In The Hood”
  38. “Holy Hip Hop Ghetto Style”,”Pettidee”
  39. “Blind Folds”,”Preachas In The Hood”

Written by: JT

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