Nvidia Coming With Huge Performance Increase in MSFS

Written by on September 20, 2022

Today, Nvidia officially presented the RTX 40XX graphics cards with the full support of the new DLSS 3 technology. DLSS 3 uses artificial intelligence to boost performance while maintaining great image quality and responsiveness.

But, let’s not bother with details, and rather speak about what happened when Nvidia tested DLSS 3 in MSFS. On average, when the team had DLSS 3 turned on, they noticed over 100% improvement over when DLSS was turned off.

For example:

51 FPS (DLSS Offf) vs. 106 FPS (DLSS 3)67 FPS (DLSS Offf) vs. 134 FPS (DLSS 3)55 FPS (DLSS Offf) vs. 113 FPS (DLSS 3)

What makes it even more impressive is that on the side where DLSS was off, the team even had RTX turned off. Thus, the big improvement in performance is despite the RTX technology turned on.

Unfortunately for most, DLSS 3 is only going to be supported by the new graphics cards in the RTX 40XX range, thus not the current RTX 30XX or RTX 20XX series.

If you want to get the best idea of what this article is about, you can watch the whole comparison video below:

DLSS 3 will certainly go nicely along with the upcoming Sim Update 10 that is going to release on September 21st, featuring further performance improvements. If you want, you can read more about Sim Update 10 by clicking here.

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