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Milviz Previews the SR-71 Blackbird for MSFS

Written by on December 28, 2021

Well-known developer Milviz took to their Facebook page to share a development update on their upcoming SR-71 rendition for MSFS. The developer commemorated the 57th anniversary of the SR-71 maiden flight by sharing exterior previews of the work-in-progress SR-71 rendition.

Although no features list is included, it is evident from the pictures that the developers are using PBR textures to model the aircraft’s exterior. The fuselage has fantastic looking textures, which mimic wear very well.

Similarly, the underside carriage is true to the model aircraft. Most items are present, with the implemented hydraulic and electrical lines and the tired-looking landing gears.

In the same way, the nacelle engine spike and engine cowling of the SR-71 look very nice. No detail is missing on the Pratt & Whitney J58 engines.

Currently, the rendition’s cockpit is in the retexturing stage. The development of avionics is also happening on a good page. More information regarding the development of the SR-71 is expected in the first quarter of 2022. If you are interested in reading about other Milviz projects, have a read at Liam’s article on the upcoming A-1H Skyraider.

history of the lockheed sr-71

Known to the world as the Blackbird, the SR-71 was a strategic reconnaissance aircraft developed by Lockheed. Operated by the US Air Force and NASA, the development and operation of the SR-71 were classified as a secret project.

Able to fly at Mach 3.32 up to an altitude of 80,000 ft, the Blackbird was undetectable by the enemy. This made the aircraft perfect for reconnaissance missions, especially during the Cold War. The Blackbird flew that the crew wore special pressurized suits to breathe and be kept cool.

Nowadays, the aircraft is regarded as an engineering masterpiece. The Blackbird holds many broken records to this date. Notable titles include the “fastest air-breathing manned aircraft” or even the “Los Angeles to Washington in 64 minutes 54 seconds”.

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