Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announced in Shocking New Video

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announced in Shocking New Video


Seemingly out of the blue, Microsoft has made the bombshell announcement of the sequel to Microsoft Flight Simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 was only recently released to wide acclaim. However, the developers seem ready to move on to a new project. The release video showcases many new features for the sequel, including a particular focus on activities. While the addition of activities is exciting, there are a lot of questions still remaining in the community.

The Xbox Twitter account confirmed this is a brand new sequel to the MSFS series. Answering the question of this being a strangely named DLC for MSFS 2020. The confusion originally stems from the announcement that MSFS 2020 would be supported for ten years.

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The release of a sequel seems strangely timed. Many exciting 3rd party projects are undergoing development and nearing releases, such as the FBW A380, the PMDG B777, and the Aerosoft A330. There is currently no indication of parity between MSFS2020 and MSFS2024, and no safe way to assume that 3rd party add-ons have been prioritized for compatibility in the sequel. Make sure to check back for updates as we learn new information.

The video showcases many new activities and airplanes (an extensive list can be found below), many of which would make exciting additions to the flight simulation marketplace. However, the FSNews team noticed that most of – if not all – the airplanes showcased seemed to be 3rd party add-ons available on the marketplace or currently under development. This is pure speculation: however, it is possible that this was done intentionally to hint that Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will support these add-ons from the launch.

All aircraft shown here are already available through the marketplace.

While there is still no word from developers on whether this is true, we will maintain a close watch on communication channels and keep our page updated. The release of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 is anticipated to be sometime in 2024; there is no more specific information on when the game will be released within the year. Stay tuned for updates there as well.

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Some of the exciting new features and airplanes showcased in the announcement video (currently available add-ons or add-ons confirmed under development in italics):

Activities Showcased in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announcement Video:

Aerial Firefighting

Search and Rescue

Helicopter Cargo Transport

Air Ambulance

Agricultural Aviation

Mountain Rescue

Skydive Aviation

Aerial Construction

Industrial Cargo Transportation

Remote Cargo Ops

VIP Charter Services

Air Racing

Glider Pilot

Scientific Research

Experimental Flight

Low altitude Training

Executive Transport Service

Airship Tours

Hot air balloon trips

New Airplanes Showcased in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 Announcement Video:

Canadair CL-415 Aerial Firefighter

Airbus A330


Airbus A330 Beluga XL

Airbus A400M Military Transport

Astro ONE Experimental Personal Racing Drone

A10C – Warthog

Cirrus SR22


Hot Air Balloons





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