Atticus (not his real name) is a former Sky Blue Radio personality that has returned from a very long absence*. Located somehere in the wilderness, Atticus broadcasts from an undisclosed location to thwart the inevitable groupie hordes that follow him whenever he appears.


“In the Air with Atticus” is an eclectic mix of music, a majority of which is comprised of music from back in the day. While he does take requests, don’t be surprised if he insults the requesters musical taste; Atticus is a music snob.


Tune in to “In the Air with Atticus” and maybe just maybe, you can dislike him as much as the rest of us.


*We are contractually obligated to use the word “absence”. Additional information may be obtained by a “Freedom of Information Act” or FOIA request, and a signed release from station management. Said information will arrive in sealed boxes and is suggested to be viewed with Bourbon and a prescription from your doctor. Sky Blue Radio is not responsible for any health conditions that may arise and will not pay for shipping of this information.

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