Man Tries To Board Flight With These In His Underwear!

Written by on November 23, 2013

Pecker Packing Smuggler Busted With a Dozen Hummingbirds in His Pants!

A man was noticed acting strangely at Rochambeau airport recently- shifting and fidgeting- as if he were nervous or had psychological problems. He was reported to airport security workers who also felt something was out of place after observing him.

When they called him over and  frisked him, something didn’t feel quite right, so they strip searched him and it was then that they found this!

 The man was trying to smuggle 12 little hummingbirds onto his flight

The man was trying to smuggle 12 little hummingbirds onto his flight. And what’s even more strange? He’s done this before!

The birds are not believed to have been sedated. They were wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug, and sewn into a specially made pair of underwear.

The man was arrested, and it is unknown if he is yet to be charged, but the little peckers are said to be in good condition, thanks to the efforts of these marvelous customs officials.

This event happened at Rochambeau airport in Cayenne, French Guiana.  Source:

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