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Majestic Software Releases Q400 TRAINING Edition for P3D

Written by on November 27, 2021

Majestic Software has spent the last few months preparing the TRAINING edition of their much anticipated Bombaried Dash-8 Q400 rendition for Prepar3D for release. As the title may suggest, this aircraft variant is aimed to be used for flight training and various training facilities.

From previously released editions, the TRAINING edition also additionally offers an extended joystick cockpit hardware interface to achieve better linking of every cockpit control to a joystick compatible hardware, or further FMS functions for the most accuracy and realistic behavior.

The developers have also worked on implementing two separate popups for the EFIS screens as well as each ARCDU and FMS as well as an accurate flight controls disconnect simulation in the flight deck.

A custom flight data recorder was further included in the TRAINING edition so the owners of the addon can visually reproduce a flight allowing for a classroom demonstration or analysis of a particular situation.

The new TRAINING edition can be purchased through a variety of stores for an MSRP of €99.99. The COCKPIT edition offers even a few additional features, however, is more targeted to the home cockpit building community. If you want, you can read more about that in one of our previous articles.


Features specific to TRAINING Edition

FLIGHT CONTROLS DISCONNECTED SIMULATIONThe flight controls can be disconnected and operated independently in the event of a malfunctioning flight controls. The flight controls system will account for the pilot flying position (based upon the pilot head position in the Virtual Cockpit, or the type of the main panel in the 2D cockpit).EXTENDED JOYSTICK COCKPIT HARDWARE INTERFACEThe Extended joystick cockpit hardware interface allows for linking every cockpit control to a joystick compatible hardwareFMS RAIM SIMULATIONFMS will provide the RAIM prediction, and simulate the changing GPS accuracy accordinglyCUSTOM FLIGHT DATA RECORDERThe Flight Data Recorder is a 2D panel, which can be used to record and visually reproduce a flight, such allowing for the classroom demonstration or analysis of the particular situations in the aircraft operation.SINGLE CUE/WING TYPE FLIGHT DIRECTORAn option for the single cue/wing type flight directorSEPARATE LEFT AND RIGHT SIDE 2D POPUPSTraining and Cockpit editions include separate pop-ups for each EFIS screen (left and right) as well as each ARCDU and MCDU (FMS)SURFACE SLOPES SUPPORTThe surface normals (surface angle) of Prepar3D are integrated into the Q400 FDE, allowing for the correct visuals and physics when operating on addon runways with a slope.TRUE GLASS PRECIPITATION LIBRARY INTEGRATION (optional)The TFDi Design TrueGlass (optional) provides the precipitation visuals on cockpit windows

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