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Just Flight – Air Hauler 2 Review by Mongo

Written by on December 27, 2020

Reviewer’s PC Config:

Intel Core i7-9700K 3.60 GHz
16GB RAM      NVIDIA 2070 Super 8GB

256GB M.2 NVME Boot Drive      2TB SSD Data Drive

27” ASUS RoG Main Monitor & 17” LCD Side Display

Windows 10 OS

One Note Before Review:

I have always been a fan of anything in & of Flight Simulations.  My background has just about included every MS Flight Sim since MSFS 1 back in 1986 in wire frame models.  My excitement in flight really kicked off in 1992 when I enlisted in the United States Air Force.  Combat sims have also been a major interest of mine.  In my military days, I accumulated at least 40 hours in different military simulators along with over 10 hours of Real-world military aircraft like F-15E, F-16D, and B-1B.  I am very excited to take a look at Air Hauler 2.  I have had 2 other iterations of Air Hauler in the past and am really looking forward to what AH2 can bring to the game.   Lets get this review started!


The whole install process was pretty flawless.  If you have installed MSFS to another drive/location other than default, a window will pop-up asking where it is located.  It is not really that big of a download.  It is only about 232MB when I downloaded it from  Took no time at all.


Obviously, the whole object of the Air Hauler 2 game is to play the role of a Owner/Operator of a  Passenger / Cargo Company in MSFS 2020.  It gives a nice alternative to people why like to fly in the sim but get tired of just doing boring dull flights..  “You” own the company.  “You” help it sink or swim.  You have complete control of everything.  From buying stations to base your planes out of for passenger or cargo service, and buying aircraft to do your flights with.  You can buy any type of aircaft from a lowly Cessna 152 all the way up to a Boeing 747 Cargo.  AH2 is very good in the fact that it will look at the planes you have in your simulator and will only let you buy and fly those planes. 

Setting up a Company:

The first main thing you will do when start playing is setting up a new Company.  As you can see in Figure 1, you first set up the difficulty of how you want to set up the game.  You can start up with a lot of money, good reputation, and a very nice Passenger/Cargo aircraft, or you can start up with hardly enough money to start, low reputation, and a very little aircraft with low capabilities.  It is all on how you want to play.  You can even choose to not have any aircraft at all and need to buy whatever aircraft you want to operate.  The next thing you will do in setting up your Starting Base Location.  You can see that in Figure 2.  That is where you will start your main operations out of.  It can be at any location that is supported as an airfield that is in the game.  AH2 does check when you pick a location that it will support the aircraft that you own.  If you have a Airbus 320, it will not let you buy a small field with a runway that is only 1500′ feet long.  The game does does a good job of thinking about small things like that.

I have included in this review a short list of some of the features of the program;

Cargo Operations

  • Overview Screen
  • Available Jobs
  • Accepted Jobs

Passenger Operations

  • Routes Available
  • Ad-hoc Flights


  • Available Missions
  • Accepted Missions
  • Humanitarian Missions

Company Info

  • Bases
  • Fleet
  • Pilot & Ops crewing
  • Corporate Info (Info, Finance, Ledger)
  • Office Screen
  • Personal Info

Virtual Airlines

  • Company Info
  • VA Bases
  • VA Pilots
  • VA Fleet
  • VA Cargo jobs
  • VA PAX Routes
  • VA Events
  • World Wide Job BBS  (Jobs from other Real-World Players)
  • Hiring BBS (Hiring for Other VA’s)

In Conclusion:

The List above is but a small sampling of some of the things you can do with Air Hauler 2.   A player can get as deep as you want in running a Cargo/Passenger flight company in MSFS 2020.  If you want, you can just get a single plane and start doing some flights right away.  This is a program that you can really sink some time into playing and is a PERFECT companion to MSFS.   From the days of playing the original Air Hauler in FSX, they have come a long way to make a really good add-on for the Microsoft Flight Sim community.  If I were to rate this program, I would have to give it 5 out of 5 stars..

Safe flying everyone!

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