Bem-vindo flight simmers! I am happy to present a beautiful scenery upgrade for Ponta Delgada
Airport from our friends at Inibuilds. Named after Pope John Paul II, this airport is located off the west
coast of Portugal and North Africa and operates on one of the many islands which make up the majestic
Azores archipelago. The airport mainly serves as inter Island connection service as well as a destination
for many Europeans looking to go on “holiday” to escape those dreary and cold winter months.
Therefore, most of the scheduled Airline service is on a seasonal basis.

As I started touring this unique airport my attention was immediately caught by the level of
detail at the main terminal. Ramp markings, signage, Lighting, and the terminal building itself look great.
Moving southeasterly, you’ll see the tower and cargo ramp area with nice detail as well as a lighted
ramp on the opposite side of the runway. All modelled structures appear to be in the correct locations
when compared to pictures and airport diagrams. So far so good!


Venturing off the active perimeter of the airport I noticed some additional details. At the
approach end of runway 30 there is a nicely modelled fountain called Monumento à Autonomia. On the
other side of the airport the Punta Delgada sign can be found located on top of the hill across from the
terminal parking lot. Details like this show that Inibuilds does more than just spruce up terminals and
runways and call it a day. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.


Upon entering the detailed terminal you’ll notice multiple avatars of people in various states.
Some are sitting, shopping, on the phone, etc. Only thing that bugged me was the doppelganger issue
throughout the airport. Some of the same avatars were used in different parts of the airport both inside
and outside. Aside from that, the terminal is nicely detailed and with sitting areas, shops, and the ability
to look at your plane from the inside.

I was very impressed with the functionality of this add-on. There were absolutely no issues with
taxiing, takeoff and landing and not one bump, jerk, or fall into the infinite space below. Same thing
goes with live traffic. Aircraft departed with ease and arriving planes followed instructions right up to
the gates.

If you’re looking for an airport add-on that is out of the norm of your typical busy hubs, then this
is a great one to get. Located in a beautiful part of the world with a combination of detail, simplicity and
cross functionality. The Inibuilds Ponta Delgado – Joao Paulo II Airport is a winner.


Written by: JT

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