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Infinite Flight Releases CRJ-900 and A320 Series Updates

Written by on July 2, 2018

Infinite Flight 18.3

Infinite Flight is here with its third major release of 2018 and is delivering on its
promise to continue adding to the CRJ family of aircraft. 18.3 brings the CRJ-900, along
with a not-so-insignificant update to the A320 series, and graphics performance

CRJ-900 Gets Wings
May 2018 saw a new addition to the Infinite Flight fleet with the CRJ-700. This aircraft
was a major advancement with improved textures, and flight physics, as well as new
camera angles and animations. After some fine-tuning, the 900 variant is ready to ship
with 11 new liveries and updated flight physics, tested and confirmed by real-world CRJ

A318/A319/A320/A321 Wing Flex and Animations
The A320 series of aircraft is back with some updates after being released in November
of 2015. Along with new, smoother landing gear animations, the A320 series is leaving
the hanger with true-to-life wing flex. These aircraft will join the B787, MD-11, DC-10,
and CRJ families that include wing flex which, when combined with Infinite Flight’s
winds aloft model, creates an even more realistic experience.
Our new aircraft are utilizing a new landing gear animation system that removes some
older technology which created a brief flickering after lowering the gear. This is now
gone, and in addition to that, we have new steering and suspension animations, with
detailed links and hydraulics. New aircraft and reworks will be flicker-free moving

LOD (Level of Detail) Improvements
Bringing a full-featured simulator to users on a mobile platform means constantly
making improvements to how visuals are presented to the user in a balance of graphics
vs device performance. Infinite Flight has improved this balance again by dynamically
changing the level of detail based on distance and perspective. For example, aircraft
rendered at a distance do not require fine detail components such as pitot tubes,
windscreen wipers, and antennae, so they are removed. Further, aircraft at intermediate
distances have simplified geometry, which reduces processing requirements of the
device. This update adds LOD improvements to more aircraft.

About Infinite Flight

Flying Development Studio continues to bring the best in mobile flight simulation and
Air Traffic control to phones and tablets. Infinite Flight is a full-featured, multiplayer,
mobile flight simulator for aviation lovers on the go. Enjoy the most comprehensive
flight simulation experience available on mobile devices-whether you are a curious
novice or an accomplished pilot. Fly alone in solo mode, or upgrade to the amazing Live
multiplayer mode for the most engaging flying and ATC experience with other
subscribers all around the world.

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