Infinite Flight A-10 Rework With Animated Gauges And B737 Updates

Written by on December 6, 2018

Infinite Flight 18.6

Infinite Flight has released its 6th update of 2018, focusing on a complete rework of one
of their veteran aircraft in the fleet: the A-10. This aircraft was one of the first in the
simulator and is now the first to feature a cockpit with working gauges. The 737 also
received some much-needed work with the addition of wing flex, ground effect, and

A-10 Rework

Affectionately nicknamed the “Warthog” or “Hog”, the A-10 is a twin turbofan,
single-seat fighter used by the USAF. With a modest complement of steam gauges, this
aircraft was the perfect testing ground for introducing working instruments; something
Infinite Flight has been planning for some time. Added, are fully functional six pack,
fuel flow indicator, engine fan RPM indicators, compasses, and glide slope indicator.
This feature sets a new precedent for Infinite Flight’s aircraft development. Indeed,
recent models have been made to include working knobs, switches, and instruments and
the A-10 is the first to take advantage of this.
In addition to this new level of realism, the A-10 also features nine new liveries, a new
pilot with animated helmet visor, an animated canopy, new flight and ground spoilers,
animated suspension, and custom sounds. The flight physics model has been completely
reworked and tested by real-world A-10 pilots, to ensure a true-to-life experience while flying.

New camera angles, including multiple views inside the cockpit, allow pilots to get a better look at the new instruments or go under the hood. The ability to refuel while

aloft while led by another pilot in a tanker rounds out the A-10 list of features.

B737 Updates

One of the staples in any fleet of aircraft is the iconic B737. While not in line for a
complete rework, Infinite Flight has added some features that help bring the 737 to be
more in line with current aircraft standards. Included are:
● Autoland (APPR)
● 30+ New Liveries
● New Wheels
● Wing flex
● Split Scimitar Winglets
● Ground Effect
● Pilots
● New Strobe Light Timings
● APU Strobe
A small but often noticed issue with the Infinite Flight fleet was coupled control surfaces
and levers. This update marks a new precedent for future aircraft work by animating the
levers (ie the gear lever) and the surface it controls (landing gear) independently.
Moving the gear lever is a quick operation, while the landing gear themselves take more
time to fully extend.

Other Improvements

A new loading screen has made its way into v18.6 with added tips for pilots as their
flight loads. As well, for pilots flying in the United States, Infinite Flight has added an
updated waypoint dataset of 25,000 fixes for the USA to the latest available from the
FAA. Some performance improvements for older devices have also been implemented,
as well as an updated list of call signs.

About Infinite Flight

Flying Development Studio continues to bring the best in mobile flight simulation and
Air Traffic control to phones and tablets. Infinite Flight is a full-featured, multiplayer,
mobile flight simulator for aviation lovers on the go. Enjoy the most comprehensive
flight simulation experience available on mobile devices-whether you are a curious

novice or an accomplished pilot. Fly alone in solo mode, or upgrade to the amazing Live
multiplayer mode for the most engaging flying and ATC experience with other
subscribers all around the world.

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