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Historic Aviation – Before the Glass (The 747-200)

Written by on March 19, 2021

Before the Glass

While a few airliners with steam-gauge cockpits are still flying worldwide, it’s easy to forget that the modern glass cockpits of today were once theoretical.  Most Tri-Stars and 4-engine airliners were very much reliant on analog gauges and the 3-4 person flight crews needed to operate them.

This fantastic video on YouTube follows the entire flight of a Virgin Atlantic flight crew operating the classic 747-200.  For anyone familiar with the startup procedures and general readings you will see in the glass cockpits of in flight simulation, it’s remarkable to witness the interaction of this 3-man crew comprised of the Captain, First Officer and Flight Engineer as they work through extensive checklists to fly a massive airplane almost devoid of any computerised systems.

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