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Written by on June 14, 2020

Last year, the Infinite Flight community was asked to vote on which aircraft they would like to see built or reworked in the simulator. The answer was clearly to rework one of aviation’s widebody giants; the Boeing 777. Infinite Flight 3D artists and aircraft developers set to work building a model from the ground up. In the first update of 2020, Infinite Flight brings the reworked B772 with other variants to follow, along with a new worldwide database of navigation data with instrument procedures, and much more.


The B777 family continues to be among the most flown aircraft in the Infinite Flight fleet. In 2019, it was up to the Infinite Flight community what aircraft was worked on next and this iconic widebody came out on top. The 777 was an older aircraft in the fleet, so a rework from the ground up was started. This is the first Boeing in the fleet to receive working instruments, so extra time and care were put into creating the glass cockpit for the B777-200ER. The standard extras came with it, of course, such as gear tilt, wing flex, animated cockpit, animated cabin and cargo doors, and a flight physics rework.

In addition to the standard features, the 772 has main gear steering, and for the first time in Infinite Flight, a functional APU that’s tied into the electrical system (APU will now also be available in other aircraft that are equipped with one). This aircraft rework will be available to all Infinite Flight pro subscribers. A brand new true-to-life B777

sound pack has also made its way to this aircraft along with 3 engine types to fit various configurations based on airline and livery. 

B772 Liveries

Asiana AirlinesAmerican AirlinesInfinite Flight (2019)AlitaliaDelta Air LinesAeromexico
Air FranceANABritish AirwaysJapan AirlinesMalaysia AirlinesUnited Airlines (Old)
American Airlines (One World)Thai AirwaysOmni Air InternationalGenericUnited AirlinesKorean Airlines
KLMNordwind AirlinesUkraine International AirlinesAustrian AirlinesAmerican (1968)Taag Angola Airlines
VarigAeromexicoKoreanUnited – Old


Vertical Navigation (VNAV) is making its way into 20.1’s autopilot system. Version 1 will ship with VNAV descent and will allow pilots to follow altitudes on waypoints during their descent. These altitudes can be from published procedures or entered manually for pilots who want an extra level of control. VNAV will calculate the top of descent based on speed and altitude to achieve a continuous descent to meet the pilot’s first target altitude built into their flight plan. Pilots will then be able to switch seamlessly from VNAV to APPR mode for an auto-land into their field of choice.  Since this system is built into our autopilot system, it will be available across any aircraft equipped with autopilot.

B737 Cockpit Rework

Over the years, a crowd favorite, the B737, has received some updates: wing flex, new liveries, and split scimitar winglets to name a few. Now in 20.1, pilots can enjoy a fully reworked flight deck with working instruments including EICAS, PFD, Navigation Display, Flight Management Display for GPS monitoring, Standby Attitude Indicator and ADF, and autopilot control panel.  

Two new liveries, United Airlines and Kenya Airways will be included and since the 737-300 and BBJ variants are included for free with the app, all of these 737 features will be available to everyone. 

Global Navigation Data & Instrument Procedures

In perhaps the most exciting news for 20.1, Infinite Flight is unveiling a new real-world global navigation database, provided by NavBlue (An Airbus Company). Correct and up-to-date airspaces, waypoints, NAVAIDs, SIDs, STARs, and Approaches are now all available during your flight. Users without an Infinite Flight Pro subscription can still enjoy all of this data that fits within the region boundaries in solo mode. 

In addition to being able to add instrument procedures to a flight plan (grouped by procedure with the ability to break them up), pilots will be able to add regularly-updated Oceanic Tracks and capture the jet stream on their trans-oceanic flights. 

More information on instrument procedures can be found on the Infinite Flight blog.

ATC Updates

The Infinite Flight ATC system has also received many features and improvements to once again push the envelope of realism. Most notably, 20.1 revives the Center control frequency, bridging the gap between departure and arrival so pilots can have full ATC coverage from gate to gate. Center features real-world boundaries, sector availability, and supporting commands to facilitate the use of SIDs and STARs. 

Pilots will now also be able to make use of D-ATIS, or Digital ATIS, which is a full ATIS broadcast in text form that can be accessed directly from the airport information tab. D-ATIS provides runway in use, ATC-preferred SIDs/STARs, and more. In addition, ATC has now been equipped with even more flight data. This includes aircraft’s active/away state, current indicated and/or Mach speed, and a full readout of the filed flight plan, to include SIDs, STARs, and Instrument Approaches. 

Server Moderation Improvements

A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes for 20.1 to make the multiplayer experience better for everyone. Infinite Flight’s ATC servers previously allowed ATC to “Ghost” or “Report” pilots who were not following the rules. This system is necessary to enforce server rules and moderate pilots who may be purposely trying to ruin the experience for others. V20.1 brings a change where ATC must select a specific rule infraction and the system handles the violations for the pilot based on that.

In addition to this major change, updates have been made to user experience (XP) and server grade calculations to give new pilots more opportunities to learn before receiving a penalty. 

For more information on the violation system visit the Infinite Flight blog.

Other Updates and Improvements (copied from 19.4 – WIP)

20.1 carries more features than other releases in recent years, and with that comes more challenges and bug fixes. Other bug fixes and performance improvements include the following:

  • ADDED: user guide linking from report control
  • ADDED: Altitudes now shown at waypoints for pilots
  • ADDED: Airspace properties now show frequencies
  • ADDED: Improved flight plan information for ATC
  • ADDED: Filters for aircraft altitudes on Center frequency
  • ADDED: Pilot notification when entering TFR
  • IMPROVED: Gate restrictions removed on the casual server. It’s now more casual.
  • IMPROVED: “Aircraft too large” message added for destination airports, reminding a pilot that they shouldn’t keep that as their final destination. The pilot may keep it in their flight plan as a waypoint.
  • IMPROVED: ATC strip now shows more useful information instead of XP
  • IMPROVED: 737 animations and camera angles
  • IMPROVED: Smoother autopilot transitions for heading and VS changes
  • IMPROVED: Aircraft wheels now move in replay mode
  • FIXED: long-haul crashes for some iOS users.
  • FIXED: Incorrect heading reference in A350 PFD
  • FIXED: Default zoom on ATC Map
  • FIXED: Support for the new iPhone SE and iPad Pro
  • NOTE: The B737BBJ has been merged with the B737-700

New User Guide

The Infinite Flight community has historically been a great source of help and instruction for new pilots. In addition to this, users can now reference a comprehensive set of user guides that range from launching the app for the first time to in-depth instructions on how to use instrument procedures. Visit to get started.

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