FS2Crew – FSLabs V1.5 with P3D V5 Support Released!

Written by on July 11, 2020

FS2Crew today released the awaited update to the FSLabs Airbus for Prepar3D!

Version 1.5 Change Log:

  • Prepar 3D V5 Support. 
  • Autobrake MAX option removed from the Approach Brief. 
  • Packs Off Takeoff now works properly if user manually configured for single pack operation during taxi out.
  • New approach option: RNAV (RNP).  Only difference is FO will not press LS on his side during his 10,000 foot flow.
  • ‘Loc Blue’ and ‘Glide Slope Blue’ FMA callout: possibility of double “checked” fixed.
  • “Glide” deviation callout trigger loosened up a bit.  
  • “Brake Check” now available in additional modes as per user request.
  • Setting ND to 10 during Parking Flow now takes into consideration if you’re in the left or right seat.
  • New Config options: “User sets TO Trim”.  With this option enabled, the FO will not attempt to set the Takeoff trim during his after start flow. 
  • ‘1000 to go’ call reset for 2nd leg fixed.
  • If config option ‘Skip Exterior Inspection’ selected, FO will start his Preliminary Cockpit flow immediately.  There will no longer be a delay.
  • FO will now turn the packs on during his Preliminary Cockpit Prep flow (Ground air cannot be connected).
  • New Config Option: Landing lights off/on at 10K/ Gear up and gear down/ Flaps up and 10K.
  • GSX Level 2 integration: Pilot models disabled; they will no longer walk the plane with the animated passengers.


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