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FlyJSim Releases Four Patches for Q4XP

Written by on November 5, 2021

After a successful launch, the team from FlyJSim has throughout the past week released already four patches for the Q4XP focusing on improving the aircraft based on the community feedback they received. While some of them are really insignificant, there are a few which bring a lot of noticeable changes to the addon.

All four patches are from most aspects fixing bugs and tuning various features of the aircraft. As for the more important changes, the developers have further worked on the UNS units to prevent crashes in some scenarios, added new commands for more flexibility, and improved how the flight plan is displayed on the displays.

Improvements were also done to VNAV and various switches throughout the flight deck. All changelogs for all four patches can of course be found below in the article.

Q4XP from FlyJSim

The latest version of the aircraft can always be downloaded through the SkunkCrafts Updater or the store of your purchase.

If you don’t have the Q4XP in your hangar, and would like to get it, you can purchase the addon through the store for $79.95, or about €69.

A turboprop aircraft designed for shorter-distance flights, the Q400 is a polyvalent choice for airlines. The Q400 has a capacity of 68 to 90 passengers. Its maximum MTOW range of 1100 nautical miles allows airlines to serve destinations with smaller demands.



small patch to fix issues with linux.


Fixed autopilot not engaging ILS approach mode (engaging VOR APP mode instead).Fixed cardinal directions on the MFD North Up (east is now due east, and there is only one north).Prevented selecting the approach stage on the Arrival page if no runway is selected. Improved top of descent drawing logic.



Fixed a crash when cross-filling a flight plan (crossfilled legs had invalid VNAV data)Fixed a crash when loading some procedures comprising holds with distance-based legs. Adjusted VNAV path gain and added a limit on path angle difference for smoother VNAV tracking. Fixed a bug in VNAV logic leading to invalid vertical angles being stored for guidance. – Tuned LOC intercept gains


Changed Yaw as tiller option to Steering axis with the ability to select tiller, yaw, or roll axis as your steering axis. Remember to turn the steering power on.


Added hold brake left and right to list of commands being handled. Changed the wording on some command desciptions to make them more readable. Added command for nosewheel steering switch toggle. Added command for Tank 1 and 2 Aux Pump Buttons Added command for Autofeather select button.


Flipped the IAS speed select action around. Scrolling to Nose Dn increases speed selected, Nose Up decreases speed selected Made a change to how Yaw Damper logic to fix the issue where some people were unable to turn it on.


Fixed “SYS_BALANCE” log reports filling up your log. Fixed flipped passenger sign display on the forward cabin passenger address unit. Fixed EMER LIGHTS DISARMED annunciator not lighting up. T/O warn test switch direction reversed.



Fixed VNAV leg data being discarded on sequencing vertical waypoints. Fixed VNAV not using the back-projected final approach angle all the way until the approach label. Fixed an intermittent crash caused by shared font resources between the two MFD map threads. Fixed hold legs’ representation on MFD map. Fixed a bug which would lead to the arrival runway not being shown as a runway on the MFD map. Fixed current TO leg not having VNAV data updated on MFD map.


Fixed missing sounds on the F/O clock pushbuttons. Fixed a harmless E/SOUN warning on the log file.

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