Fenix Sim Details A320 EFB and Previews Visual Improvements

Written by on October 8, 2021

In a post on their website, Fenix Simulation’s Aamir has further detailed probably the currently most-anticipated addon coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. With their high-fidelity Airbus A320 rendition, the developers are expected to set a very high standard for aircraft addons in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

In the most recent post on their website, Aamir has detailed the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) that is expected to be present on the flight deck once the aircraft addon releases. An EFB is something that will come in handy for probably every flight simmer, and it’s crucial to make it user-friendly and offer a variety of functionalities.

The developers from Fenix Sim are planning to ensure that with an Apple-inspired visuals and a variety of features and small details. The EFB will be modelled to work with 2048x1536px resolution displayed over a 1024x768px viewing portal. This will ensure that the image will be sharp.

Further, users will have to keep the battery status of the EFB in mind when flying. The developers have accurately simulated the charge and discharge of the battery in the tablet. We will also be able to change the background of the EFB, browse through the Navigraph charts, and calculate take-off and landing performance data. The previews also suggest that a SimBrief integration will be available and configured through the EFB.

Aamir has also mentioned, that the user will have an option to display the EFB on an external device. In this case, a real tablet connected to the same local network as the simulator is connected to.

In the second part of the post, Aamir has detailed the current status of the aircraft development. The developers are currently awaiting Sim Update 6 release that should bring some major changes to how the flight dynamics are handled.

Additionally, based on the post, further improvements are currently being done to the aircraft’s visuals. The weathering and PBR maps are currently also being refined to achieve the most realistic experience. As Aamir wrote in the post: “If you look closely, you’ll see the weathering and streaking over the fuselage deforming due to the airflow sweeping over the wings, a really cool effect that often goes unnoticed.

The next development update is scheduled to go online on October 22nd and so until then, keep tuned at FSNews. The release date and pricing details remain unknown.

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