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This detailed new simulation of the F/A-18E, F & G Super Hornets for P3D and FSX has been developed by DC Designs – it includes the ‘E’ Hornet strike attack and fleet defence fighter, the twin-seat ‘F’ version and the EA-18G ‘Growler’ which performs an airborne electronic countermeasure role while retaining full combat capability. DC […]

Your summer nights will be filled with great music as Santana and Earth, Wind and Fire hit the road together later this year. The Miraculous Supernatural Tour begins in June. The 32 dates will be scattered at arenas and amphitheaters across the U.S. The summer shows are wedged between Santana‚Äôs Las Vegas residency at the […]

In a post on their Facebook page – iniBuilds is excited about this! We are proud to announce the iniBuilds Default 747 GE CF6 Sound Enhancement Pack! Utilizing the latest technologies from FMOD, we’ve been able to create a completely new sound environment for the default X-Plane 747. Available now on the iniBuilds Store:

In a post on their Facebook page - Vertical Sim is planning a $24.99 price for their Tampa airport scenery. Here's why... -SAM plugin (for jetways)-Super high res (0.5ft) orthoimagery covering up till the airport boundaries (highest commercial grade imagery you can get on the market)-Custom hand-built mesh (with Ortho4XP patch), and compatibility with ORBX [...]

Microsoft Reveals More Xbox Series X specs, confirms 12 teraflops GPU. This is rather interesting as it gives us some insight into the hardware needed to run the new Microsoft Flight Simulator: “Microsoft is revealing more specifications about its next-generation Xbox Series X hardware today. The biggest new confirmation is that the Xbox Series X […]

In a forum post, POSCON brings us up to date on the next steps! The Invite-Only Beta is almost upon us, so it is a great time for another development update! Pending final bug fixes, we will be sending out the approval emails to the invited users soon. If you are lucky enough to get one, you will […]

Bahrain vACC is proud to bring you the second event of the month! “Hamad Saturday Online” On the 15th of February at Hamad International Airport (OTHH) expect us to be fully staffed between 1600Z and 1800Z.Get ready for a busy airspace while flying in or out of Hamad!

The VATPAC Events Team is proud to present the latest major event for this year, TMA Turnaround Cairns! What is TMA Turnaround you may ask? Well, We love having competitions featured in our events to keep everyone participating for as long as possible. With this in mind, The aim will be to fly as many […]

The annual Full Control event is here again! We provide full ATC radar coverage across over 10 hours flight, 10 countries and regions, and 5 hours on Saturday night. This HQ affiliated event is jointly organised by East Asia Region, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Oceanic Region Divisions, no matter where you fly, you will […]