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For any aviator – or any simmer looking to fly on a controlled network – one of the most confounding aspects of aviation to learn is the use of Air Space and how each designation can impact your route and interactions with Air Traffic Control. Tackling this problem head, ‘Fly with the Guys’ has utilised […]

For many new pilots and new simmers, the term ‘Air Traffic Control’ instills a feeling of dread due to the procedural constraints placed upon the Left-hand seat.  Much of this fear is largely unfounded as proper phraseology and interaction with Air Traffic Control can be achieved by any pilot who takes the time to learn […]

India Foxtrot Echo’s F35 suite is largely being heralded as the best ever military aircraft available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.  Included in this fantastic package (available from Orbx here), you will have access to the F35a (USAF version), the F35b (VSTOL replacement for the infamous BAe Harrier) and the Carrier-capable F35c. Of the three variants, […]

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