Written by on January 26, 2021

Written by Mongo on January 26th, 2021

After you purchase the product from the website below, all you have to do is download the executable file from the website. You will need to point the installer to the directory/drive where you have your MSFS installed on.

The Product
It is very refreshing to see that the flow of new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 to begin. This is a review of the Beechcraft Model 99 Twin-Prop by Virtualcol.

This aircraft is a very visually appealing aircraft. After seeing aircraft on other simulators, it is nice to see the MSFS 2020 has required developers to raise the bar on the visual quality of their aircraft. I just hope that someday Microsoft will release the SDK so they develop their products even further.

There are 20 different liveries to this plane. As you can see from my screenshots below, they are from Past & Present Airline and Cargo Companies. It was nice to have an aircraft with that many different options for Aircraft skins.

As you can see from my screenshots below, this plane in this version does not have a glass cockpit. I am unsure of any future versions will have one but this version indication a more true representation of what pilots had to use on a daily basis in the real world. One thing that all sim pilots need to remember while using this aircraft is that in using all the knobs and button in this cockpit, the controls for the instruments may be “Unconventional”. While in other sim aircraft you may be able to use a left or right mouse click to control them, with this plane I had to get used to using the mouse wheel to control most of the instruments. This may be hard for some pilots to get used to..

The flight control of this aircraft, to be blunt, is quite sluggish. After I have done some research and talked to real-world flight experts, this is to be expected from this aircraft. This was and is how the aircraft acted in real world flight. Do not expect this aircraft to act like a turn-and-burn fighter. Despite the twin turboprop engines, it takes a little time for this bird to turn and to takeoff. Raising your gear and flaps to soon after takeoff, expect it to turn earthward REAL FAST. She will fly and soar, give her some time and just don’t expect it too fast.

I have to say, I hadn’t heard much of the Beechcraft Model 99 before I did this review. The problems in controlling the instruments and gauges of the cockpit had me wondering if I would enjoy this plane. Once I figured out how to control the instruments, I do have to say I did enjoy the aircraft. The model definitely needs some polish, But I expect that once the SDK is released, that will improve. I you would like to enjoy a leisurely flight in a small passenger airplane in MSFS 2020, I would have to suggest this product.

If you are interested in purchasing this product; please go to the website address below.

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