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Under the instruction and support of the Swedish government, Fredrik and Robin aka ‘the Swedish VFR’ engage on their first fire detection mission for 2021. Utilising specialised reporting equipment and a pre-defined flightplan, the Swedish VFR  scour the Swedish countryside for undetected forest fires. Protecting the natural beauty of Sweden while enjoying the splendor of […]

Parris Lilly (Gamertag Radio, IGN) sits down with Jorg Neumann, head of Microsoft Flight Simulator to discuss the journey so far with MSFS2020 and the plans for the upcoming Xbox Console release on July 27th. Jorg talks about the updates planned for the sim as well as the technology in use to enable Microsoft to […]

Tune in This Sunday, June 20th at 1300zulu (2pm London, 9am Eastern) as Willy Canuck chats with Blu Games (YouTube). “Cool as Blu” The content creation realm is full of different styles and personalities when it comes to Flight Simulation.  On this week’s show, Willy speaks with one of the most mellow, yet amazingly competent […]

“The Premier Firefighting Airplane” In 1965, Canadair revealed the CL-215 to the World at the Paris Air Show.  One of the only marine-based airplanes to be developed in over 20 years, the CL-215 was a revolutionary new design to solve an old problem: battling the remote forest fires of the Canadian wilderness and around the […]

Clash of the Titans.  In the early 1990’s, at the dawn of the Stealth Fighter era, two companies battled for one of the most significant contracts in American Air Force history.  Lockheed with it’s ultimately successful F-22 Raptor was pitted against an equally-capable prototype developed by Northrop under the prototype designation ‘YF-23’. In a  contest […]

This Sunday, May 30th at 1300zulu (2pm London, 9am Eastern), Willy chats with the comic flying duo known as ‘Swedish VFR’ “Fly the Friendly Skies” This week, Willy sits down with two fellows who have been lifelong friends since their schooldays.  Fredrik and Robin share their flying adventures on their new YouTube channel “Swedish VFR” […]

Despite being shrouded in secrecy and falling victim to competing global interests, many historians still agree that the British BAC TSR-2 was one of the most advanced strategic bombers of its time.  Capable of sustained cruise at Mach 2.0 at 51,000ft and an effective range of 3,400nm, no other aircraft on the planet could match […]

This Sunday, May 23rd at 1300zulu (2pm London, 9am Eastern), Willy Canuck speaks with Gavin also known as the EasyJet SimPilot. “With a little help from his friends…” Recently surpassing 11,000 subscribers on YouTube, Gavin has delighted sim fans with his exceptional procedural flying in the Fly-By-Wire A320 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.  Willy, who […]

This Sunday, May 16th at 1300zulu (2pm London, 9am Eastern). Willy Canuck plays host to one of the most influential people of flight simulation for the last 20 years, founder and owner, Nels Anderson. “The Heart of Flight Simulation for 25 Years” For anyone involved in Flight Simulation for the last two decades, […]