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NOTE TO LISTENERS – THIS SHOW WILL NOW BROADCAST AT 1400Z (3pm London, 10am Eastern) This Sunday, April 8th at 1300z (2pm London, 9am Eastern), Willy Canuck hosts Flight Simulation’s smoothest YouTube streamer, Filbert Flies “A Vodka Martini at 30,000 feet, shaken – not stirred” This week, Willy chats with Filbert about his popular YouTube […]

The open-source development community, Fly-By-Wire have announced that their highly-acclaimed A320 Neo mod for FS2020 will be re-deployed as an independent flight model. Following thousands of hours of development, the Fly-By-Wire team are now in a position to distribute the A320NX as a distinct add-on for Flight Simulator 2020.  The popular mod has required extensive […]

On the 18th of April, 1942, the U.S.S. Hornet and U.S.S. Enterprise steamed towards Japan on a daring raid that would test the absolute limits of the American Navy.  Under direction from the American President, Franklin Roosevelt,  Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle committed to planning a retaliation attack on the Japanese capital in an effort to […]

UPDATED: April 8th All Shows will air at 1300z (2pm BST, 9am EDST) Upcoming Guests as of April 6th, 2021 April 11th: Filbert Flies (YouTube) Filbert is a lovely Gent who delights thousands of people on YouTube with his simulation skills and amazing character.  He’s a natural-born orator and was a delight to interview. April 18th: Martyn […]

In 2019, Mikey McBryan (best known from the documentary series ‘Ice Pilots’) was set a challenge by his fans: could Mikey and a team of talented volunteers restore an abandoned DC-3 to flying condition in 6 months in time for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day?  Mikey recently recalled the original condition of ‘DTD’ during an […]

NOTE: DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, THIS SHOW WILL AIR AT 1400Z (3pm London, 10am Eastern) Tune in this Sunday at 1300z (2pm London, 9am Eastern) as Willy chats with 3rd-Generation Crop Duster, Dave Hodgins. “Flight Without Compromise” Now known as ‘Aerial Applicators’, Dave talks to Willy about the modern role of crop dusting which varies […]

Considering that over half of the Avro Lancaster bombers built were lost in combat over Europe during World War II, it was a rare occurrence to meet a surviving crew member immediately after the war, let alone chat with a veteran crew in modern times. The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum has produced many excellent videos […]

Before the Glass While a few airliners with steam-gauge cockpits are still flying worldwide, it’s easy to forget that the modern glass cockpits of today were once theoretical.  Most Tri-Stars and 4-engine airliners were very much reliant on analog gauges and the 3-4 person flight crews needed to operate them. This fantastic video on YouTube […]

This Sunday, March 21st at 1400z (2pm London, 10am Est), Willy chats with Eric Dumigan, Aviation Photographer   ”Where no photographer has gone before” This week on the Haggis and Poutine Show, Willy Canuck and Eric Dumigan discuss Eric’s amazing career as an Aviation Photographer.  Join Willy as he browses through Eric’s handywork displayed on […]