Following an assembly suspension ordered by the FAA in March of 2021, Boeing has finally received approval from the aviation authority to recommence 787 production.  The original issue cited by the FAA specifically focused on the bonding process used to bind different parts of the fuselage together. Several defects reported by airlines lead to a […]

Tune in LIVE at 1300zulu (9am Eastern, 2pm London) this Sunday, 17 July to the Haggis and Poutine Show to hear Willy Canuck’s Interview with Ben and Sante from the Orbx/Volanta team! Earlier this week, Willy spoke with Ben and Sante from Orbx.   Ben, the key fellow behind the wildly-popular Volanta Flight Tracking system, is […]

Airbus’ newest member of the A320NEO family is set to disrupt the aviation market as it took flight for the first time on June 15th.  The flight, which lasted over 4 hours, has been hotly anticipated by customers who are eager to tackle the demands of a post-pandemic passenger industry. At present, the 321XLR’s whopping […]

Flight Global reports that Airbus has unveiled its first A321 XLR to the world.  Sporting a new livery that will undoubtedly be appearing at aviation trade shows very soon, the 321 XLR has already garnered a treasure trove of orders which topped 500 last March following a commitment from Air Canada.  Many international heavyweights have […]

For any aviator – or any simmer looking to fly on a controlled network – one of the most confounding aspects of aviation to learn is the use of Air Space and how each designation can impact your route and interactions with Air Traffic Control. Tackling this problem head, ‘Fly with the Guys’ has utilised […]

Tune in LIVE at 1400zulu (10am Eastern, 2pm London) this Sunday, 20 March to the Haggis and Poutine Show for a live chat with with Big Jacko’s Gaming, YouTube Content Creator and Simmer. This week, Willy chats live with Big Jacko’s Gaming, a relatively-new Australian YouTube Flightsim creator who is building his audience quickly. Placed […]

Come fly with the most friendly Flightsim Community on YouTube.  Sponsored by Skyblue Radio, Willy Canuck and the Positive Rate team return for a new MSFS community flight today at 1900zulu (7pm London, 2pm Eastern). This week, Willy is joined by Digital Flight Deck on a specially-designed route through the Canadian Rockies. Don’t forget to […]

Tune in LIVE at 1400zulu (10am Eastern, 2pm London) this Sunday, 23 January to the Haggis and Poutine Show for a live chat with with Evan Reiter, ERJ 175 Pilot and Co-founder of the Flight Simulation Association! Evan’s story is one we all love to hear about; a Canadian-born Flight Simulation fan who followed his […]

Asobo once mentioned that Microsoft Flight Simulator was a 10-year project; and in the 2nd year of MSFS it looks as though the flight modelling is about to jump to a new level. It’s no secret that many X-Plane fans have correctly called out that the ‘by the numbers’ approach of MSFS put it at […]


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