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AirFoilLabs C172 NG Release Date and Price Revealed

Written by on December 11, 2021

Through a post on their Facebook page, the developers from a Czech development studio, AirFoilLabs, have further detailed their upcoming study-level Cessna 172 rendition equipped with an EVO G1000 systems.

Officially known as C172 NG DIGITAL, the aircraft will not only bring only new systems but also a brand new 3D model with realistic flight dynamics. As for the sounds, the developers have worked on an all-new sound set using FMOD.

The original C172SP offers a plethora of ground equipment options and cool functionalities, including an interactive pre-flight check and various covers, hatches, and doors. With the new C172 NG, AirFoilLabs promises to deliver even more functionalities than in the original aircraft.

These should include new vortex generators, engine warmer covers and blower. This should make winter operations of the aircraft even more interesting and complete.

Foremost, the developers have for the first time introduced a failure system in one of their aircraft!

The release is scheduled for December 14th, 2021. The price was set to moderate $49.95. The product page on the Store is already up, in case you would like to have a look.

Feature list

3D Model

3D Model based on real aircraft and rebuild from the ground upExquisite PBR TexturingLycoming IO-360-L2A with all engine partsEngine Heater, GPU, Refueling details, Fuel Sampling, Oil ManagementCovers, Chocks, TiedownsInterior with many animations, vibrations, zero-G floating objects, baggage, and moreDamaged Aircraft PartsMany detailed passengers and pilotsRain, Fogging, Icing, Broken WindshieldCustom Particles Effects48 LiveriesCountless additional details, features, and animationHDR Lighting System

FMOD Sound

More than 320 sounds + detailed layered engine samples with audible failures simulationMany real aircraft recording sessionsAll animations, movements, and situations are producing soundsWeather effects outside and inside of the aircraft

Flight Model

Based on real aircraft flight recordingsPerformance tuned and correlated with performance tablesBehavior details consulted with Pilots and Flight InstructorsAdditional custom behavior: Stall and Spin, Soft Field Takeoff, Crosswind Ground OperationsLift, Drag, Moment Forces Airfoils Data customized by internal plugin-based tweakerDetailed Damage Simulation as Bending of the wings, Overspeed Flutter, Flaps damage, etc.Wing Tail and Fuselage ground strike simulation.Flight Model is influenced by – Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals, Bush Wheels, Fairings, Broken Windshield, etc.

Aircraft Systems

Custom Fuel System Simulation including fuel flow and individual components logic and failuresLanding Gear plugin-based tuning of forces including Side Moments, Skidding, and moreDetailed Landing Gear Damage – Bending Struts, Tire Wear, Flat Tire, Brakes, etc.Flight Controls Damage simulation

Electrical System

Plugin Based Custom Electrical System designed according to real C172 Electrical SchemeSimulating All Circuit Breakers, Electrical Components Failures, Short CircuitsCustom Busses, Fuses, Corrected Voltages, Amps, Batteries, behaviors, etc.Electrical Scheme 2D Panel with live states

Engine Logic

Plugin Based Custom Engine Components Simulation and WearPer Cylinder Simulation of Temperatures, Wear and FailuresCustom Oil Temperature, Pressure SimulationCustom Per Cylinder EGT simulation2 Magnetos and 8 Individual Spark Plugs SimulationsSpark Plugs Fouling SimulationAdditional Engine Components Wear and Failure Simulation (Air Intake, Fuel Pump, Exhaust, Fuel/Air Control Unit, Fuel Flow Transducer, Oil Filter, etc.)

Failure Management System and Scenarios Saving

Custom Plugin Based Failure Management System175 Individual Components SimulatedEach Aircraft Component has a Wear property with custom LogicComponents Wear and Failures are influencing each otherComponents State Saving OptionFailed at Altitude ASL/AGL OptionPossibility to Save Failure Sets as Individual Scenarios with thumbnail and description30 Scenarios Provided

C172 Knowledge Base

All of the failable 175 components are explained in detail in a 2D windowIt provides valuable C172 information about how the aircraft works in real lifeEngine Components are 3D clickable from the outside with Instant Descriptions, Explanations, and Illustrations.

User Interface and 2D Panels

New Gen User Interface with Floating Menu – Ergonomy and Ease of Use in mindInstant Loading of Aircraft States: Cold&Dark, Before Start, Before Taxi, Before TakeoffDetailed 2d panels with detachable windows for second monitorsPFD, MFD, Audio Panel, Switches Panel, Standby Instruments, CBs, Throttle Quadrant, Pedestal, Electrical System, Engine with animations 2D PanelsAircraft Options MenuWeight & Balance Detailed OptionsComplex Failure Management SystemGeneral Settings include aircraft states, components conditions, sounds, intro, etc.Custom Load/Save Situations DialogRemote Control for Airfoillabs Hangar at KAWO airportCamera and Quick View InterfaceAutomated Checklists with Performace Calculators (Takeoff, Landing, Cruise)Stylish Intro AnimationCockpit Builders Optimized

G1000 additional features

Custom Engine Panel with Realistic Lean and System TabsLean Assist LogicReversionary Mode Logic related to custom componentsCustom Alerts, Caution, and Warning SystemSpeed Slip Improvements (Acceleration, V Speeds)Simulating Loading Sequence and Instruments InitialisationsCustom Instruments Failures WarningsG1000 Components Failures simulation

Aircraft Options

Wheel Fairings, Stylish Disc Wheel Covers, BushwheelsVortex Generators, Flap Gap SealsCockpit AoA Indicator and Tablet with AviTab ImplementationHeadphones Logic and Noise Canceling

Checklist and Performance

Complex Automated Checklist SystemCamera Focus on Instruments OptionChecklist Flow Options: Manual, Semi-Automatic, AutomaticChecklist HintsShort Field Takeoff CalculatorShort Field Landing Calculator

Ground Operations

Manual TowingExterior Manual Check of Flight ControlsCovers, Tiedowns, Chocks ManipulationManual Fuel SamplingManual Refueling and Fuel Quantity CheckManual Oil Refilling and Oil Quantity CheckEngine Heater Operation Logic

Walk Feature and QuickLook Camera with Collisions

Walk Feature with Terrain and Aircraft CollisionsWalk, Run, Crouch and Gravity SimulationClimb on aircraft to refuel, get in/outCustomizable and Comfortable QuickLook System for Hat Switch Joysticks, compatible with other plugins

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