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Aerosoft Releases CRJ 900/1000 Expansion for MSFS

Written by on November 10, 2021

Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has about an hour ago taken to the Aerosoft forums to share a simple, yet very exciting, message in the CRJ 900/1000 Expansion thread saying: “Released“. As this suggests, today is marking the release of the expansion for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The CRJ 900/1000 Expansion was announced together with the original base pack, however, was delayed multiple times before the release today. The CRJ 550 and 700 from Aerosoft were initially the first commercial jets released for the platform.

Both aircraft variants in the expansion have a lot to offer. From highly detailed models accurately recreated based on many photos of the original aircraft to extensive Flight Management System (FMS) and Honeywell ProLine Avionics coupled with VNAV.

The aircraft also offers a custom EFB customized to the new variants, and fluid animations together with up-to-date nav data from October 2021 (AIRAC 2110). The complete feature list can be found below in the article.

If you want to purchase only the CRJ 900/1000 Expansion, and you already have the base pack (CRJ 550/700), you can do so through the Aerosoft store for €16.80 with VAT excluded.

If you don’t have any CRJ aircraft from Aerosoft for the Microsoft Flight Simulator just yet and would like to get all of them at once, you can purchase the Aerosoft Aircraft CRJ Bundle for €48.20 with taxes excluded.

Feature list


Highly detailed modeling based on many photos of the original aircraftCovered with high resolution PBR textures that convey virtual reality extremely wellThe possibilities of the new flight simulator engine are mostly utilizedFluid animations of moving parts such as landing gear, flaps and doorsThe cockpit shows detailed modeling and animations that provide a realistic look and feel of this popular airlinerSupport of advanced features, such as rain effects, etc.The flight model is based on Flight Simulator’s new aerodynamic model to provide more realistic behavior of the CRJ in all flight conditions. It has been fine tuned to reflect the performance and reactive behavior of the CRJIncluded are the CRJ 900 and 1000 models with 17 liveries


Extensive Flight Management System and Honeywell ProLine Avionics including Advisory and Coupled Vertical NavigationDelivered with October 2021 (AIRAC 2110) nav dataNavigation data can be updated via NavDataPro and NavigraphHead-up Guidance System

Electronic Flight Display:

Detailed performance calculations based on actual weight and balance and graphical display of actualized load sheetTransfer of weight, fuel and calculated V-speeds into the FMS, if desiredChecklists for all flight situationsIndividual configuration settings for aircraft maintenance, preferred aircraft state when loading and additional optionsChart display (NavDataPro Charts and Navigraph charts) with position tracking
This option will be made available free of charge as soon as the SDK allows it


CRJ 900:Lufthansa City Line D-ACNMScandinavian Airlines OY-KFI “Rolf Viking”Scandinavian Airlines EI-FPN “Menja Viking”American Eagle PSA N550NNDELTA AIRLINES N324PQSKYWEST “35th Anniversary” N821SKAir Canada C-GJZVLufthansa City Line D-ACNU “Uetersen”IBERIA REGIONAL EC-JZSIBERIA AIR NOSTRUM EC-JYA “Comunitat Valenciana”PRIVATE D-ACHHCRJ 1000:Air France HOP! F-HMLHBINTER 9H-MPA “Macaronesia”Air France HOP! F-HMLK “DS Regions”GARUDA PK-GROIBERIA REGIONAL EC-MNQ “Burgos”HIBERNIAN EI-HBB “RÍA DE VIGO”BINTER 9H-MOX “Islas Canarias”IBERIA REGIONAL EC-MJPBRITAIR F-HMLA

Simulator options:

Eight manuals, including detailed step-by-step documentationImmersive sounds created using Wwise (so full FS standards)Compatible with Honeycomb and newest Thrustmaster TCA controllersMany new options to tweak the product to your likings and your hardware

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