A2A Simulations Study-Level Piper Comanche 250 for MSFS Previewed at FSExpo 2023

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A2A Simulations Study-Level Piper Comanche 250 for MSFS Previewed at FSExpo 2023


In their seminar at FSExpo 2023, Two Tone Murphy, a popular flight sim content creator, introduced a video in which he, together with Scott from A2A Simulations, took a closer look at their upcoming Piper Comanche 250 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The video depicts various aspects of the aircraft, with an emphasis on the level of realism that the team is attempting to achieve, showing the true meaning of the term “study level“. Scott from A2A begins the video by stating that the aircraft will behave accurately, even more accurately than what is described in the manuals.

That is only possible because Scott himself owns and flies a Piper Comanche 250 in real life.

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Nothing in the aircraft is hard coded to behave a certain way. Every engine start is unique and influenced by a variety of factors. Whether it’s the weather or the condition of the aircraft, to name two.

Speaking of not having hard coded behaviour of the aircraft, even the wing flex animations will be variable depending on the winds and turbulence. The level of detail we can expect in this addon is definitely something one can get easily excited about.

During the walkaround check, you will have to make sure that there is no water in the fuel tanks, check the oil state, and ensure that the control surfaces are not blocked or damaged, for example. All of this will be dynamic, with high-quality sounds recorded directly from Scott’s real Piper Comanche 250 and realistic animations.

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Speaking of sounds, the team has even recorded the sounds of the front landing gear when taxiing on grass. In the seminar, Scott showed how they recorded such sounds without the engine ruining the recordings. Whilst this does not showcase the general sound environment of the addon, it gives a good idea of the work the team is putting into all the details.

A2A Simulations’ Piper Comanche 250 will also include a very extensive EFB that will provide you with all of the aircraft’s information and status. As shown in the video, it will display even more complex information that we are not used to seeing with typical general aviation add-ons.

The EFB will allow you to inspect the aircraft’s condition, whether it’s the cylinders, pumps, starter, magnetos, and other engine parts, or the various airframe parts. While we don’t know much about the majority of the EFB, what we do know so far is very promising for simmers looking for more complex simulation.

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You will even be able to change the propeller type in the EFB.

Whilst the release date and pricing are yet to be announced, A2A Simulations are happy to be back and thank the community for patience, suggesting that maybe the addon is now close to release than it was before.

If you want to read more news from FSExpo 2023, you can check out our dedicated page to the event by clicking here.

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