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Swoop Virtual Airlines

Swoop VA



We are bringing Swoop Virtual Airlines to the people who love to fly on VATSIM or Offline. If you enjoy flying the 737, apply today. All pilot applicants must have a vaild VATSIM ID.

 We simulate the real world Operations of Swoop Airlines.

We have a custom ACARS for all pilot reporting. You will be able to bid on real world routes within the custom Acars.

Swoop Virtual Airlines has over 10 destinations that they operate year round and growing.


Tarmac Aero Group






WeGo Airways





 What we can offer:

– 174 real world airlines from all around the world.
– Over 132,000 schedules.
– Charter system where you can fly one of 109 different aircraft wherever you desire.
– Unique and professional Dispatch Centre designed and tested by real pilots.
– A plethora of tours where you can earn more points which allow you to level up.

So if you’re looking for a professional yet relaxed virtual airline, do feel free to pop by here: 


All Virtual Aviation






We welcome pilots from all over the globe that want to fly what they want, where they want, when they want. Although we have ranks and awards, emphasis is placed on the quality of PIREPS. Traditional VAs place heavy emphasis on flight hours and ranks, although we track this as well, it says very little about the quality of the flight. Our automatic PIREP system grades each flight to ensure our virtual passengers experience nothing less than excellent. So, sure you can jump on the flight deck of a 747 or 777, but what is your quality score? Landing FPM? We have a saying here, fly quality over quantity.

Our Values are simple. We are committed to excellence, and most importantly to our pilots.

All Virtual Aviation Staff


Metro Air


MetroAir Virtual Airlines has been serving the flight simulator community since early 2006. We bring a different concept to the virtual airline pilot by providing a real world simulated airline experience that enables you to grow with us. MetroAir operates hubs in Boston, Dallas & Los Angeles.

Check us out today at 


American Airlines Virtual

American Airlines Virtual is the most prestigious American Airlines VA, with over 600 active pilots, hand selected and time tested staff members, and innovative web technology. Our executive staff has combined experience of over 20 years of Virtual Airline management. Over the course of that time, we have perfected our services to meet the needs of our crew.

Take a moment to explore our website and see why so many pilots choose to fly AAvirtual!

Come see why we love to fly. 

Founded in September of 1998, Atlantic Sun continues to strive for excellence, and we continue to meet our ultimate goal each and every day – to provide pilots with a realistic flight experience while maintaining an organized and professional environment. Atlantic Sun Airways is definitely a one of-a-kind virtual airline. Offering nearly unlimited numbers of flights per day, using different state-of-the-art aircraft, we provide an enjoyable and fulfilling virtual pilot experience.  

Join today – we would love to have you as part of the team. Atlantic Sun Airways… ‘Expect more‘.


Canadian Xpress


Canadian Xpress® is a Canadian based virtual airline with a free flying policy that features a wide range of freeware aircraft (FS9 & FSX) with custom liveries, panels, sounds & flight dynamics
that fly as realistically possible. We offer liveries or merges for FSX payware aircraft where we have a freeware version in our fleet.

We support flights on both the VATSIM & IVAO networks and have automatic flight logging in order to save you the hassle of manually filing your flight reports.

Pilot participation is the key at Canadian Xpress® and we encourage this by hosting several on-line events every month. We also have monthly competitions that will put your flying skills to the test, contests, pilot’s forum for Canadian Xpress® members and much more.

Canadian Xpress is a proud training partner with  and a member of TeamSpeak and IVAO. Visit our social media sites  



We are bringing you the largest regional virtual airline to the people who love to fly on VATSIM or Offline and enjoy the regional aircraft experience.

All pilot applicants must have a valid VATSIM ID.

 We simulate the real world Operations of all North America Regional Airlines as closely as we can to include Delta Connection, United Express, American Eagle, US Airways, Alaska and Charter Operations Etc.

 We have a custom ACARS for all pilot reporting. You will be able to look up real world route schedules from flightaware.

 Regional Airways Alliance has a combined 1,337 destinations across North America, Canada and Mexico as well as some seasonal flights.

 Formerly Virtual ExpressJet Airlines & Virtual SkyWest Airlines.


Intercity Airways

Intercity Airways is a large regional virtual airline with bases in London City, Edinburgh, Birmingham and Düsseldorf, offering over 900 daily flights to 104 destinations across Europe, using PMDG BAe Jetstream 41 and Majestic Dash 8 Q400 in FSX (there will be jets in the future), each with detailed operating procedures (SOP). Flights with Intercity are generally less than two hours, so our pilots spend more time flying in and out of exciting airports, and less time monitoring instruments and watching clouds!

 Our exclusive Intercity ACARS provides flight tracking, pilot logbook with maps and graphs, live news and schedule search. Intercity’s pilots benefit from partnerships with renowned industry names (FS2Crew, UK2000, VATSIM, vRoute, Sky Blue Radio) and friendly community forums.


Lynx Airways Worldwide

Lynx Airways Worldwide is the second oldest virtual airline in the world.  We opened our hangar doors on July 1, 1992 and have since been in full operation stretching through six regional Hubs. As we continue today, we at Lynx Airways provide you with a unique experience that challenges your imagination.  You can select from our established flight schedules and take scheduled flights around the world.  Or, hop into your favorite aircraft, climb to altitude and just take a left. Come visit us and take a tour around our Award winning website and come join Lynx Airways Here.


 Noble Air


Noble Air is a virtual airline made up of Aviation Enthusiasts flying all over the virtual world in Flight Simulator. Noble Air caters for all types of flying including set Assigned Airline Flights, Simulated Charter Flights, Challenge Flights and Air Races. Noble Air exists in all 4 corners of the globe in the way of Hubs creating a strong local community along with the backing of the Noble Global community.


Pacific Airways 

Pacific Airways

Pacific Airways is an international virtual airline, which has been in operation since 1997. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, we offer over 750 flights a day from seven hubs including Seattle, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Miami, New York and internationally from London, England. The airline also operates a cargo division from Los Angeles, New York, and London. Pacific Airways facilitates easy connections throughout smaller markets in its route system with Pacific Blue, its connection carrier; operating regionally to smaller airports in the US and Europe. Pacific offers some of the most modern aircraft available and carries one of the largest and most diverse fleets in the virtual aviation community. Experienced staff, excellent pilots, comprehensive training and support, and a strong  presence will make you feel apart instantly. Join Pacific Airways Here.


Southwest Virtual Airlines

Southwest Virtual Airlines was formed in December 2008 as a collective idea. Their vision was to create a virtual airline that was designed for the pilots, and not to compete with other virtual aviation organizations. This concept allowed for the creating of a superior community in which anyone interested in the aviation and flight simulation hobby was welcome. Come find out why over 600 pilots fly with us. We are a proud partner and training provider with   We support FS2002 , FS2004, FSX and X-Plane. We also have our own custom ACARS system.  Join by clicking  HERE  Like us on Facebook.


Terra-Fly Virtual Airlines 


The VA has been founded in November 2012. Our goal is to provide a platform for our common hobby, flying virtual “as real as possible”.  We have made it to our task to support the online flying and therefore prefer the online IVAO  network.  In order to offer our VA for as many pilots, there is the wide range of areas to choose from the interested pilot.

The go from collective training for new enthusiasts to events and real as possible routes for the “old timers”.  We attach particular importance to the area VFR. This visual flight range to get in front of our special significance.  Our instructor pilots are experienced pilots who are also flying in the real life cockpit  

Due to our interface to, you have a lot of features. That means, you need not only to fly, you can buy your own private plane or things with virtual dollars. Like an economic simulation.  We avoid the “minimum flights” and “minimum routes” rule, because we will check, after a period of 40 days, if a pilot is still available for us. Communication is very important for us. We do not only want to look at the virtual skies, but also have fun together. We often use Skype  / Teamspeak  to discuss, or just to have fun together. Like us on facebook,  


Tradewind Caribbean Airlines

Are you looking for a VA that has a bit of structure but is very laid-back at the same time?  Are you searching for a VA whose members are loyal, whose administration is solid (TCA has been in existence since 1995), and whose members willing share ideas and help each other?

Then check out TCA at the link posted. Lots of liveries, lots of different aircraft, lots of different routes from short mail runs to international flights. Join Tradewind Caribbean Airlines by clicking HERE.

Welcome to US Airways Virtual Airlines! Our goal is to simulate US Airways flight operations as realistically as possible and are proud to offer a fun and relaxed environment for our members to enjoy the excitement of flight. If you haven’t already joined the USAVA family, we welcome you to apply by clicking here. JOIN US.


Virtual Air Canada

 Established in 1998, VAC (Virtual Air Canada) is a worldwide virtual airline community of real world pilots, flight simulator pilots and aviation enthusiasts who want more realism added to their flights by utilizing Microsoft’s Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X. The virtual airline mirrors its daily operations on real world schedules, routes and flights. Comprised of volunteer staff who operate and manage the not-for-profit organization, VAC is Canada’s largest operating and leading virtual airline and the the Top10 virtual airline in the world. Come Join our airline: Join VAC.Like us on facebook


Virtual American

Virtual American was founded in December of 2013 by both real world pilots and flight enthusiasts. Each staff member strives daily for realism and fun like no other. Teamwork has always been a part of our philosophy. We strive to create an environment in which any pilot can feel comfortable among people with the same hobby and interest. 

At Virtual American, we will continue to improve the experience for all of our pilots. With enhanced ACARS capabilities, flight schedules that reflect the real American Airlines and its OneWorld partners, and staff that are constantly there for you, Virtual American strives to be the number one Virtual Airline in the community.  Like us on facebook.


Virtual Norwegian

Welcome to Virtual Norwegian, Scandinavia’s greatest low cost airline!

We have a fast growing network with 12 bases spread over Europe, with the main focus area in Scandinavia.
Our operations are mixed with everything from shorter domestic flights to longer flights reaching other continents, such as Asia and the US. The seasonal changes to our route portfolio also creates a high diversity.
The fleet consists of Boeing 737 aircraft, both the -300 and the -800 variant, with the -300 variant being replaced as new aircraft enters and the Boeing 787-8. You are also welcome to fly the MD80 in our historic fleet.
If  you own a copy of FS2004, FSX or XPlane, you are more than welcome to apply for a career with us HERE. Like us on facebook.


Virtual Southwest Airlines

Southwest Virtual offers you the virtual pilot the opportunity to emulate the real world Southwest Airlines routes and schedules through our ACARS system or by flying online with . If you are interested in becoming a member of our team then please click HERE to join.


Virtual United
Virtual United Airlines began Operational planning in October 2010 and opened its doors in May 2011 with more than 8000 United and Star Alliance routes available to our Pilots.
We believe that flight simulation is a hobby therefore, we do not have check rides. The whole purpose is to have fun!
We are accepting Pilot Applications, and enrollment into the VATSIM ATO Pilot Rating Training Program , if you are brand new to flight simulation or experienced, we welcome all. Join us today by clicking HERE. Like us on facebook.

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