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DJ Captain Crunch


DJ Captain Crunch is from the Boston USA area and has been cranking up heavy metal since he was a pre-teen in the late 1970’s!  He features two cutting edge rock and metal shows weekly.  As a heavy metal guitarist and bassist, the Captain knows his crankage! His knowledge of heavy metal and rock history is beyond that of your typical DJ so you are always in tune with the greatest songs ever mastered!

On Tuesdays, join the Captain at 7pm Eastern US time for 3 hours of heart pounding rock where he also features just released new rock and the ever popular “Anger Management” hour!

On Saturday nights at 11pm Eastern US Time, the Captain takes metal to the next level with his “Extreme Metal” show!  This show features world class heavy metal from the best bands on the planet, the world famous “Devil Trax” trivia challenge and “Captain’s Choice” featured artist hour!

If you like to “fly it like you stole it” while listening to some heart pounding, gut wrenching, stone crushing rock, 

then tune into Sky Blue Radio with Captain Crunch! 

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