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PMDG Shopping System Shutdown

Written by on July 30, 2019

At approximately 0500Z/31 JUL we will bring down our existing shopping cart for the better part of five days in order to complete the process of moving all of our customer, order data and process history over to the new eCommerce solution that will power PMDG long into the next two decades of our history.

What To Expect During The Outage

So the next 7-10 days might be a bit bumpy and I want to apologize for that in advance. This transition will have no impact on the vast majority of PMDG customers, but in keeping with communicating clear, I wanted to be sure you know the following items:

Planned down-time for PMDG eCommerce will be 0500Z/31JUL – 1700/05AUG. During that period, the following services will be affected:

  • PMDG eCommerce will not be available for new product purchases.
  • PMDG eCommerce not be available for customer account access.
  • Downloads will not be available for any PMDG products.
  • Retrieving license keys from your user account will not be possible.
  • Some information/services from and

During this operation, we are beginning to switch more of our operations over to the domain so there might be occasional outages as the new domains propagate out but we are retaining access via the long-standing domains so in theory it shouldn’t cause any outages…

What To Expect After The Outage

When we bring the new system on-line, you will find your purchase history, download links and license keys waiting for you just like they always have. The layout of things will have changed, but most of you are smart enough to follow the cues to get to what you need.

Moving forward there will be two-factor authentication for you to access your user account, which is pretty standard stuff nowadays in online commerce. We are also implementing two factor authentication on the download side but the whole process is quick and easy to work with.

Looking Down-Range

This has been an incredibly expensive process both in terms of time and money. The reason we have elected to accomplish this change at this specific moment in history is that our existing solution has failed to keep up with many of the technology changes expected of eCommerce solutions. The really exciting news to PMDG is that our eCommerce system will now be entirely cloud-based, which means that it will be far more resilient during major product release cycles, thus hopefully ending the inevitable couple of hours of server hiccups that always seemed to plague major product releases.

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