VA Days SM Pic Teaser

Sky Blue Radio will be celebrating “VA Days 2017” the first weekend in March from the 3rd thru the 10th, 2017

That weekend Virtual Airlines will have the opportunity to promote and advertise their organization at no cost on
Sky Blue Radio and have the opportunity to win one year of free advertising if selected as the Sky Blue Radio
“Virtual Airline of the Year”! The total value of the advertising for the VA Days Virtual Airline of the Year exceeds

Each Virtual Airline who enters before the deadline will be allotted a 30 second audio spot to air all weekend on
Sky Blue Radio during the promotion. We will also include banner placement for your VA on our website*.

Then on March 11th, 2017 Sky Blue Radio will select and award the “Sky Blue Radio Virtual Airline of the Year”. The
winning virtual airline will get a thirty second spot and banner placement on our website for one full year! The
advertisements will be aired on a limited rotation basis and subject to our advertising schedule and program

Here’s how VA Days 2017 works:

Official Entry Rules:

Virtual Airlines must submit a write up (summary) of your organization, a high resolution graphic banner (468×92
pixels only) and a 30 second audio ad recording no later than March 1st, 2017 to vadays@skyblueradio.com email
address. The audio recording submission shall not contain any background music or effects (speaker’s voice only).

Sky Blue Radio reserves the right to edit submissions for content and time. Spots (audio recordings) shall be no
longer than 30 seconds. A typical 30 second spot runs between 60 and 80 words. SPOTS LONGER THAN 30
SECONDS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Banners must be high resolution, 468×92 pixels in jpg, png, psd or gif format.

Banners in any other size or format will not be accepted***.

If your Virtual Airline requires or requests that Sky Blue Radio produce your on-air audio ad promo, the VA must
submit text copy of the advertisement to Sky Blue Radio to vadays@skyblueradio.com no later than February
24th, 2017

To be considered for Sky Blue Radios VA of the Year, Virtual Airlines must submit at least a one page summary of
what makes your organization unique and how your organization stands out from the rest in the flight simulation
community. Your summary shall also include banner and audio file.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered, however, we may contact you to inform you of missing
components of your entry.

Your Virtual Airline does not have to be affiliated with any online network. Each summary will be evaluated by our
panel of judges with a winner selected from the submissions. Submissions must be made no later than March
1st, 2017. The winning Virtual Airline will be requested to link to our website with an image link, image of the
award or banner. We will also request that our embedded flash player be included on your site.

The winning Virtual Airline will be notified via email on or about March 13th, 2017 and all arrangements for the
award will be coordinated at that time.

This opportunity is open to all Virtual Airlines; however space is limited so please submit your entries, banners and
audio to vadays@skyblueradio.com no later than March 1st, 2017.

The winning Virtual Airline is responsible for any taxes and fees pursuant to local and national laws.

* Sky Blue Radio reserves the right to edit/reject “Virtual Airline” submitted on-air promotional spots.
** Sky Blue Radio reserves the right to remove any promotional on-air spots or banners for the winning “Virtual Airline” for any reason. Sky Blue Radio is not responsible for any copyright infringement or intellectual property violations the winning “Virtual Airline” may incur. Sky Blue Radio has sole discretion in number of times a promotional spot is aired as well as frequency of banner rotation on the Sky Blue Radio website.
***Sky Blue Radio reserves the right to edit/reject “Virtual Airline” submitted banner.