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Flights depart at 23:00 Zulu Time*

The Blue Crew is flying into 2019!

August 26, 2018 was the 6th Anniversary of VFR Sundays, and we are still going strong. We are happy to see the Blue Crew and New Pilots get together every weekend.  After 6 years of flying, we have completed our world tour! We’ve seen a lot of fantastic sights and some interesting weather.  There will be many more adventures and discoveries in the future as the SBR VFR Sundays continue with new sights, flights and missions!


This Week’s Featured Flight is Sunday at 23:00 Zulu: 

It’s a Search and Rescue SUNDAY!  Pilots must read Situation Briefing!

February 24th, 2019  KCRG to KCRG   Google Maps

Situation Briefing:  A Beechcraft Baron 58 carrying 2 people was on a VFR Flight plan from Gainesville Florida to Gainesville Georgia, and is overdue. The Aircraft was not receiving Flight following from ATC but radar recordings show a VFR target believed to be the overdue baron dropping off the radar East of Valdosta Georgia. No ELT transmission have been received or reported. No airfields along the route have seen the aircraft.

Military and Civil Air Patrol aircraft are searching the route the baron filed. Your mission is to search the Okefenokee Swamp area north of the Taylor VOR and East of the Taylor 360 radial. Blackhawk’s from the 41st Rescue Squadron at Moody AFB will be searching the area West of the Taylor 360 Radial. Depart Jacksonville Executive and fly to the Taylor VOR. From there fly a course of 020 for 15 miles to reach the start of your search area. The GPS Flight plan has designated the position N 30° 44.00 / W 82° 29.00 as Waypoint 1. This is near the last recorded radar contact from what is believed to be the Baron.

If the aircraft did go down in the swamp it is imperative that the pilot and passenger be rescued soon. If they are in the swamp a helicopter will be needed since ground teams may be unable to get to them quickly. Once the crash site is located the helicopter should extract the victims and all aircraft can return to KCRG. The helicopter is to deliver the victims to Jacksonville International for transfer to UF Health North hospital.

No Cheating! All participating aircraft must disable any traffic displays on gauges or map addons.

Departing:  KCRG  Jacksonville Executive At Craig Airport, FL, USA

Arriving:  KCRG  Jacksonville Executive At Craig Airport, FL, USA

Direct Distance:   115 nm. (Actual distance: ~124+ nm.)

Recommended safe cruise altitude:  2,400 ft. and above 

Recommended scenery:  Any KJAX scenery.  But, THIS is Required for SAR Ops! (paste into scenery/scenery folder)

Recommended equipment:  Single Engine Piston (CAP liveries?) and at least 1 Helicopter!

Relevant weather:  CheckWX  or  NullSchool  or  NOAA Satellites  or  WUnderMap

Download FSX Flight Plan:  ===>HERE<===









Quick Help: FSX default Keyboard Commands (PDF)

Quick Help: ICAO Aircraft Codes (Wiki)


Pilots may fly whatever equipment they choose as long as it’s a VFR flight.*

Update! All flights will be flown on JoinFS, unless otherwise noted. JoinFS is a nice stable platform. Get it HERE! ===> http://pmem.uk/joinfs/  Fly with us WEEKLY on SBR’s VFR Sundays!  (Find us chatting LIVE in Discord’s SkyBlueRadio channels ‘Pilot’s Lounge’ or ‘VFR Sundays’.) Connect JoinFS to “The Blue Crew” in the HUBS list. Drop in anytime. SQUAWK us!  We might fly solo, try some non FAA approved maneuvers, or maybe even catch some of The Blue Crew during some of our impromptu fly-ins!  (*There are exceptions as required.)

We have changed our primary voice chat server to Discord which is available here. ===> https://discordapp.com/  Where a quick registration of your e-mail will get you going. We recommend installing the Discord App and then join the SkyBlueRadio Channel via this invite.  ===>  https://discord.gg/rpMmPWj  This allows the group to chat live and coordinate our flight traffic when no ATC is online.  

Flights flown on the VATSIM network will be noted. You can register for free at http://www.vatsim.net/  and get set up.

Flights flown on the IVAO network will be noted. When in Euro Zones, IVAO is here at https://ivao.aero/  to register for free with their network.

Want to keep up to date on Sky Blue Radio’s VFR Sundays? Send an e-mail to info@skyblueradio.com and we’ll do our best to notify you of destinations and any changes. 

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