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===>>> SBR’s VFR Sundays Flight Plans <<<=== 

Sky Blue Radio started VFR Sundays on August 26th, 2012. We are now in the middle of our Fifth Year of flights and invite you to join us every week! The initial concept was to just get together as friends and fly. Short and fun. No long hauls and VFR (Visual Flight Rules) only. We started out at Rocky Mountain Metro Airport (KBJC) in Broomfield, Colorado and headed northeast and made our first landing at Pierre Regional Airport (KPIR) it was a BLAST! We have recently been flying our way around Australia. We plan to continue, one leg at a time, until we return to KBJC!



===>>> SBR’s VFR Sundays Flight Plans <<<===

August 28, 2016 was our 4th Anniversary and VFR Sundays are still going strong. We’ve added a few regulars to our fleet and we are happy to see the Blue Crew get together every weekend. After 4.5 years of flying, we are continuing our world tour leaving the Australian Territories and the South Pacific moving northward. We’ve seen a lot… monsoon season in India, harsh weather in Indonesia, cold winter temperatures in Aussieland and lately stormy and gusty weather over Indonesia and the Philippines.  There will be much more! Come and join us for more adventure and discoveries!

===>>> SBR’s VFR Sundays Flight Plans <<<===


This Week’s Featured Flight is Sunday at 23:00 Zulu: 

March 26th, 2017   RCTP to ZSPD (via DST NGB)

Departing:  RCTP  Taipei – Taiwan Taoyuan Int’l Airport, Taiwan TPROC

Arriving:  ZSPD  Shanghai / Pudong Int’l Airport, China

Direct Distance:  365 nm. (Actual distance: 375 nm.)

Recommended safe cruise altitude:  7,500 ft. and above

Recommended equipment:  Fast Props or Small / Regional Jets

Relevant scenery:  Pilot’s choice

Download Flight Plan:  HERE






Upcoming Flights:

 ===>>> SBR’s VFR Sundays Flight Plans <<<===

 Future (and past) flights are listed in this NavLog  

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Quick Help: FSX default Keyboard Commands (PDF)


ATC Insight: Being a Controller at Gatwick (VIMEO)

NATS Insight Promo: Guardians of the Sky (VIMEO)

NOAA Images from GOES-16: NASA Release (NASA)


All departure times are at 23:00 Zulu Time unless otherwise indicated.*

Pilots may fly whatever equipment they choose as long as it’s a VFR flight. (with exceptions)

All flights will be flown on the VATSIM network unless otherwise noted. You can register for free at http://www.vatsim.net/ and get set up.

Flights marked “On IVAO” will be flown on the IVAO network https://ivao.aero/ so you will need to register for free with that network as well.   

We have changed our primary chat server to Discord, available at https://discordapp.com/ where a quick registration of your e-mail will get you going. We recommend installing the Discord App and then join the SkyBlueRadio Channel via this invite.  ===>  https://discord.gg/rpMmPWj  This allows the group to chat live and coordinate our flight traffic when no ATC is online.  

Sky Blue Radio also has it’s own FSHost flight server where the rules are even more relaxed.  Just download a small client (based on your platform) from http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/fshost/?fshostclient.html  Use (no password) and drop in anytime to fly solo, try some non FAA approved maneuvers, or maybe even catch some of the Blue Crew during some of our impromptu fly-ins!

Want to keep up to date on Sky Blue VFR Sundays? Send an e-mail to info@skyblueradio.com and we’ll do our best to notify you of destinations and any changes. 

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